Wednesday, February 24, 2010

All by myself

Bean: "Mommy, I feel a toot toot coming."

Mommy: "Run, run like the wind child. You go sit your little self on that potty and do it like a big boy!"

Bean: (after two very involved stories made up by Mommy involving diggers, a construction site, Ernie and some hairy spaghetti...) "Mommy, I did it. I did a toot toot all by myself"

Mommy: (With tears in her eyes, quiver in her voice, in complete disbelief that everyone was actually right and that eventually all that effort would pay off and he would start doing it by himself) Oh Bean, that is so wonderful. Look how big you are. It's because you are three now. I am sooooo proud of you. "

Bean: (Said with great inflection and slight surprise) "Oh Mommy, I am so proud of myself!"

Mommy: "I think you should have two Hershey kisses for that. One for the toot toot and one for telling me you had to go."

Bean: "Maybe I should have three Hershey kisses Mommy."

Mommy: "How about one?"

Bean: "No, let's do what you said before. Two is good."

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  1. Way to go Tommy! We all knew you could do it. You have earned a pair of red socks. You will teach Goobs when the time is right. Love the blog. Brings back "fond" memories.