Thursday, February 25, 2010

Best Years?

Thursday night. Mommy and Daddy are sitting on the couch. Watching Survivor. The same show they have been watching every Thursday night for 10 years. (They realize this is slightly pathetic, no comments on this please).

Mommy: "So I read in a magazine today that these years, when our children are young, are the best years of our life. Are these the best years of our life? 'Cuz if they are I kind of want to know so I can really enjoy them"

Daddy: "Well, there is a lot of good stuff that happens with them. I mean, we have a lot of fun with them."

Mommy: "Yeah, I just thought I would be better rested and have more money during 'the best years'."

Daddy: "Your parents do look happy. They seem to be enjoying retirement and their money."

Mommy: "But they seem to want to spend an awful lot of time with those two monsters."

Daddy: "Maybe we should start charging for visits. Then we can all be living 'the best years'."


  1. Adam has obviously learned a lot being around your father! Good luck.
    Love your blog!


  2. I do not support this new policy...charging family members for visits. My DC lobbyist will be talking to your staff to change your mind on this issue. We realize we may have to buy you dinner or vacation to get you to agree with us on this.