Thursday, February 25, 2010

God Provides

Dining room table. Dinner time. Mommy and Bean are discussing last nights bedtime stories. One of said stories was a bible story from his children's bible about how God provides.

Bean: "Mommy, do the flowers have to worry about what to wear?"

Mommy: "No, they don't have to worry because God provides for them right."

Bean: "Hmmm"

Mommy: "What kind of things does God provide for us?"

Bean: "Hmmmm"

Mommy: "Well, he provided Daddy with a good job so that he can make money to buy clothes and food and a house to live in."

Bean:  "And car washes, Mommy. God provides car washes."

Mommy: "Hmmm"

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  1. Kids know what is important, especially where you live.