Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I want to sell drugs

Living room. Lots and Lots of Trucks is playing on the television. Currently Bean's favorite video. It is a video of trucks driving down the road with some very cheesy country type music playing the background.
see those big wheels roaring down the road.
Lots and lots of trucks,
let's fire 'um up and watch 'em go.

Mommy and Bean are watching this video together. Mommy is becoming a little concerned that she knows all the words to these songs by heart and can sing them as dinnertime entertainment. Goobs is sitting on the couch, unassisted, watching Bean watch the television. Goobs laughs every time Bean sings along with the video.

Mommy:  (With a little worry and some resignation in her voice) "Oh Bean, you love these trucks so much. Are you going to be a truck driver when you grow up?"
Bean: "No Mommy. I am going to sell drugs just like Aunt Rachel."
Mommy: "Who told you about what Aunt Rachel does."
Bean: "No one, I just know things."
Mommy: "Honey, Aunt Rachel works for a drug company. She sells medicine, to help sick people get better. You want to sell medicine like Aunt Rachel, right?"
Bean: "No Mommy, I want to sell drugs."
Mommy: "Ok, well, when child protective services comes to find out what the heck is going on in our family, make sure you tell them that Aunt Rachel has a very fancy degree from a very fancy college that makes it ok for her to sell drugs."
Bean: "Ok Mommy."
Goobs: (smiles and giggles) "Ya Ya, Ma Ma"

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  1. Glad I was able to talk Bean out of being a truck driver!