Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We're hot.

Living room. Mommy and Daddy are eating a dinner of left over chili warmed in the microwave and watching a rerun of "The Office".

Mommy: "So, the tire is flat on the van."

Daddy: "When did that happen."

Mommy: "I think it must have happened on our way home from the Play Museum. We got home ok, but when I went out to the car later it was totally flat."

Daddy: "Kay, I'll take a look at it and call in the morning to have it fixed."

Mommy: (looking down at the luke warm dinner and at her own shirt that has spit up and what she thinks might be a little bit of baby poo on it) "Did you ever think we would be sitting here talking about having our minivan fixed? How hot are we?"

Daddy: (with mouth full of chili, still staring at the tv) "We're pretty hot. That minivan has some pep to it."

Mommy: "You're just saying that because you don't have to drive it everyday. It's NOT hot. "

Daddy: (puts his spoon down, looks Mommy in the eye) "Well, Bean says that 'Mommy's van is the fastest van ever.'"

Mommy: (ponders this for a moment) "It is pretty fast. And I did just get new $5 sunglasses from Target. Ok, I guess it's hot."

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  1. a good pair of sun glasses does make you feel hot. not so sure about the minivan....:)