Monday, March 1, 2010

Baby Store

Lunch time. Mommy and Bean are discussing the plans for the afternoon.

Mommy: "I'm going to go visit LuLu this afternoon and see new baby Chace."

Bean: "Is baby Chace out of her belly now?"

Mommy: "Yes! He's here. And he is so cute. Lu Lu went to the hospital and he came out and now they are home with him."

Bean: "Did they go to Babies-r-Us?"

Mommy: "I don't know. I think they probably already had everything they needed from the baby store."

Bean: "Then what store did they get baby Chace from. We got Goobs from Babies-r-Us."

Mommy: (does not like where this conversation is going. not yet ready to explain where babies come from) "They got him from the store at the hospital."

Bean: "Oh, ok."


  1. I can't wait until he tells one of his teachers that he came from Babies 'r us!