Thursday, March 11, 2010

God's Workshop

Breakfast table. Bean is talking about his time yesterday with Mommom. He was able to reach the pedals on his tricycle and Mommom told him how long his legs are now.

Bean: "Mommy, my legs are sooooo long now."

Mommy: "Yes. You just grew and grew all winter and now it's spring and your legs are long and you can ride your bike."

Bean: "My legs are long but they cut Goobs's legs short."

Mommy: "Who cut Goob's legs short?"

Bean: (Looks at Mommy as if she is a stupid idiot and can't believe she doesn't know this, afterall, she is Goobs' mother. Says with a slight annoyance in his voice) "God. When he was putting Goobs together in his workshop he cut Goobs's legs short."

Mommy: "Oh, God has a workshop huh?"

Bean: "Yes, just like Poppop's"

Mommy: (Making a mental note NOT to tell her father that her son just compared him to God) "Well, God did make Goobs. That is true."

Bean: "Yes, then he put him in your belly and then you went to the hospital and... "

(Bean pauses. It is clear he is trying to figure out how the baby then came out of Mommy's belly. Mommy is not sure she wants to explain it. Mommy waits to see if he asks the question. Bean isn't sure he wants to ask the question either because he suspects he might not like the answer. Bean and Mommy stare at each other. There seems to be a mutual understanding that the question will not be asked and therefore not answered, thus avoiding the trauma of explaining childbirth.)

Bean: "...and then the baby just came out. "

Mommy: "That's right. The baby just came out. Easy peasy."

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  1. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!
    Simple as the stork :)