Saturday, March 20, 2010

Grumpy Mommy

Mommy, Daddy, Bean and Goobs are all recovering from a VERY long night. Bean is in a new phase of wanting to sleep with Mommy and Daddy. Mommy allowed it one night (big mistake) and last night was the night of reckoning. It only took 2 hours of Bean screaming to get everyone back to sleep. Surprisingly, everyone woke up relatively happy. It is now lunch time. They are sitting at the table. Mommy is feeding Goobs. Bean has finished his lunch and is playing with the leftovers.

Bean: (speaking as the leftover roll) "Now, you all need to go to bed right now. We need a good night sleep. If you don't go to sleep I will be grumpy. You don't want me to be grumpy do you?"

Mommy: "Who are you talking to?"

Bean: "My roll and oranges"

Mommy: "Oh, what are they playing."

Bean: "Grumpy Mommy."

Mommy: "What! What is Grumpy Mommy?"

Bean: "The roll is the mommy and the oranges are the babies. Baby Charlie, Baby Riley, Baby Chace."

Mommy: "Oh really. There wouldn't happen to be any Bean's in that group of oranges would there?"

Bean: (sheepishly) "Maybe"

Mommy goes back to feeding Goobs. Bean continues playing.

Bean: (again, speaking as the Mommy roll to the baby oranges) "Remember how grumpy I am when I don't get any sleep. Remember how I cry all day long. Now, you need to go to sleep in your own beds so that we aren't all grumpy all day long."

Mommy: "Is that really what Grumpy Mommy sounds like."

Bean: "Yes Mommy. But I love you Mommy."

Mommy: (sighs, hoping that somehow, someday her children will remember her as more than Grumpy Mommy) "Oh Bean, I love you to."

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