Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Saturday night. Mommy and Daddy are getting ready to go out for dinner alone. Bean is watching Lots and Lots of Trucks while waiting for Mommom to come over and babysit. Mommy is ready first and comes downstairs.

Bean: (looks at Mommy with a confused look on his face) "Mommy, why are you wearing that?"

Mommy: (wearing jeans, and a sweater with a casual blouse under it. not really all that dressy. feeling a little discouraged that her three year old thinks such a casual outfit is something out of the ordinary) "Daddy and I are going out for dinner. "

Bean: "Oh, I can go too Mommy."

Mommy: "No. Sometimes Mommy's and Daddy's like to go out alone. Without the kids. It's good for us to get out of the house without you two goofballs."

Bean: "But why are you wearing that. That's for church."

Mommy: (really beginning to feel discouraged. knew she wore the same thing everyday but is wondering if more people that she suspected notice as well, if her 3 year old notices.) "Well, this is a nice sweater. I wear it when I go out somewhere."

Bean: (looking at Mommy with a worried look on his face now. He has just noticed the earings in her ears) "Mommy, what are those? Why are they making holes in your ears? Mommy, take them out!"

Mommy: "No, they are earings. They make Mommy pretty."

Bean: "But how will the holes go away Mommy?"

Mommy: "Look" (removes one earing) "When I take them out the hole is gone"

Bean: "Mommy, you are pretty enough. Take them out."

Mommy: (feeling even more discouraged that her child is three years old and this is the first time he has noticed her earings. suspects that this is due to lack of earing wearing on her part and not a lack of observation on his part. she does not like the implication of this suspicion) "Thanks honey, but Mommy wants to wear them. It makes me feel fancy."

Bean: "Ok Mommy. Take them out after dinner."

Mommy: "Ok, I will."

Mommom arrives and Mommy and Daddy get ready to leave. Mommy kisses Bean and Goobs goodbye.

Bean: "Have fun being ALONE Mommy. Bye Daddy. Have fun not being with us goofballs."

Mommy and Daddy: (not feeling as guilty as they should from a statement like that) "Don't worry. We will."


  1. for the record, i noticed your sparkly earrings when you came over last week!

  2. you make me chuckle!!!