Sunday, March 28, 2010

March Madness

Mommy and Bean are in the living room watching March Madness. Bean is wearing his Duke t-shirt (of course).

Mommy: "Ok Bean, who do we want to win?"

Bean: "White"

Mommy: "No honey. The answer to that question is always 'Duke', or 'Go Duke'."

Bean: "Go Duke!"

Mommy: "Right, now see how they shoot that ball. What we want to happen is we want Duke to get more balls in the basket than the other team. Then they win. Oh look, Yes! They got one!"

Bean: (enthusiastically, mimicking how Mommy said it and throwing his hands up in the air) "Yes!"

Mommy: "Now they are taking a time out. Regrouping. Discussing their next play."

Bean: "Is it because they were pushing Mommy?"

Mommy: (Not sure what Bean means, then it occurs to her) "Oh, no honey. It's a different kind of time out. It's more like a break, not a punishment. When they push another player, that is called a foul."

Bean: "Mommy, sometimes I foul Goobs."

Mommy: "I know. You shouldn't push him though, remember."

Bean: (He is looking confused and trying to figure out the whole foul, time out, punishment thing.) "I get a time out when I foul. What do they get."

Mommy: "Well, when they foul the other teams either gets the ball or gets to take an extra shot."

Bean: "Mommy, next time I foul Goobs, he can just take an extra shot, kay."

Mommy: Nice try peanut. On this team though, we get time outs. Sorry.

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