Friday, March 26, 2010


Mommy, Bean, Goobs are at the library in the toddler playroom. Mommy is wearing her black sweatpants, has no makeup on but has, for the record, washed her hair on this particular morning. Bean is playing with some trucks. Goobs is sitting on Mommy's lap watching Bean play. There are 2 other mothers there in the play room with at least two children of their own.

Three women enter. All are dressed. Between the three of them there are 2 sweater sets, three pairs of fashionable, definitely not to be mistaken as maternity jeans, three shades of perfectly applied lipstick and three very, very, very, cute pair of the most fashionable ballet flats Mommy has seen in a very long time. These woman are not just dressed, they are dressed up. Their children come in, equally well dressed.

Woman 1: (speaking to Woman 2 and 3) "Oh thank you so much for coming. Isn't this place great. I just heard about it. We should get something like this at our library."

Mommy quickly realizes that they are from the neighboring town, which is a bit more well-to-do than the one she lives in. Mommy takes a quick look at herself. She looks at the other mothers that were here before The Beautiful Three arrived. They are also in sweatpants. One has an infant in her arms, the other has a 1 year old crawling on her. Mommy nods to them. They nod back. There seems to be mutual understanding between them. The Beautiful Three look around the now crowded room. They are looking for a place to sit. They look at Mommy. She can see it. There is pity in their eyes.

Mommy: (screaming to herself at the top of her lungs in her head and admittedly feeling a little bad about the sweatpants) "Well, I haven't figured it out yet. I am working on it. Some day. I promise. Someday I will figure out how to leave the house with real clothes on, makeup and clean hair, while remembering to bring all of my children with me."

Mommy: (looks at Bean)"Time to go sweetie. It's almost lunch time."

Mommy stands up tp leave. Goobs is still in her arms. She hears a noise coming out of Goobs and then before she knows it, Goobs is throwing up, from her standing position, and the vomit lands in the toy grocery cart of one of The Beautiful Three's children and splatters all oveer the sides of the cart. Mommy hears an understanding giggle from the two mothers in sweatpants. Mommy sees the look of horror in the eyes of The Beautiful Three and realizes that this is an entirely different breed of mother if she is horrified by baby vomit.

Mommy whips out a baby wipe from the packet she keeps in her purse, cleans up the vomit lickity split and pats the little cart pusher on the head.

Mommy: "There you go. No harm done."

Mommy isn't sure why these events have made her feel this way, but despite the sweatpants, dark circles under her eyes, serious lack of makeup and vomiting baby, she knows she is doing a stellar job and her kids are pretty darn lucky to have her.

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