Friday, March 19, 2010


Mommy and Bean are driving in the van. It is St. Partick's Day and there is a line of police cars on the other side of the road in what appears to be a sobriety check point.

Mommy: (outloud to herself) "Looks like they are going to catch a lot of drunk drivers today."

Bean: "What drivers Mommy?"

Mommy: (wondering if its is bad for a 3 year old to know about drunks) "Drunk drivers honey."

Bean: "What kind of drivers Mommy?"

Mommy: (wondering why she doesn't think before she says things outloud to her 3 year old, and with this one he won't let it rest until she has explained and he understands) "Well, there are these special drinks that only adults are allowed to have, and they make you kind of sleepy, so you aren't suppose to drive a car after you have one. The police are stopping people to see if they have had one of those drinks."

Bean: "Like milk Mommy?"

Mommy: "Oh no. Drinks like juice and milk and water are ok to drink before you drive. Just these special drinks that only adults are allowed to have aren't ok to have and drive."

Bean: (with a little worry in his voice) "Oh"

Mommy: (knows her child well enough to know that he is now thinking about what Mommy and Daddy drink and if they have ever had anything other than milk or juice or water before driving) "Mommy doesn't really drink those drinks because I am sleepy enough. Daddy only has one once in a while and only on a friday night."

Bean: "Ohhhhhh." (The tone in his voice indicates that the lightbulb has gone off) "That's why you never let Daddy drive your van!"

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