Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Bean and Goobs are both asleep. Mommy and Daddy are downstairs. Bean starts to cry. Mommy goes upstairs to see what is the problem knowing that Daddy sometimes gets talked into another book or some other nonsense. She puts her game face on.

Mommy: (enters Beans room) "What's the matter honey?"

Bean: (Bean, talking though sobs) "Oh Mommy. I just want to sleep with you in your bed Mommy."

Mommy: (Sits next to Bean on his bed.) "Oh, that's probably not a good idea babe. Why don't you stay here in your bed and sleep."

Bean: (with bottom lip quivering) "Oh please Mommy."

The lip quiver has done her in.  She thinks back to her own childhood when she was scared at night and wished she had the nerve to get out of bed and go in with her parents but was afraid of the snakes that she was sure were covering the floor of her bedroom. She has a vision of Bean, age 18, driving off to college. She is waving goodbye and thinking to herself "Oh how I will miss him. It all went so fast. I wish I had let him come into bed with us just that once."

Mommy: "Let me go take my shower and I'll come back in to check on you. You wait here."

Mommy goes downstairs to discuss with Daddy. Though neither parent is a fan of the family bed thing, they agree that it would be ok for one night. Mommy takes Bean, eight of his stuffed animals, cozy blanket, his pillows and his water cup and puts them in her bed. Mommy climbs into bed and tries to fit in the small space left for her.

Bean: (whispers) "Mommy, your bed is very cozy. Mommom's is cozier but I like yours too."

Mommy: "That's good honey. Now close your eyes and go to sleep."

Daddy comes to bed and all is quiet. Ernie walks in, nails clicking on the hardwood floors, climbs onto his bed, circles and lays down with a sigh. Buster hops on the bed, curls around Beans feet and begins purring. The baby monitor is about a foot from Mommy's head on the bed side table and she can hear Goobs snoring. The room is full. Mommy is listening to the breathing of all the men, human and non-human, in her life. She remembers back to before she and Daddy got engaged. All she wanted was a dog, a cat that lived inside, a husband and some boys. It suddenly occurs to her that she has everything she has ever wanted. She begins to wonder if maybe she should have considered adding a beach house or monthly trips to the spa to that wish list. She is feeling a little crowded, but otherwise very, very lucky. Bean appears to be asleep.

Bean: (sits straight up, turns towards Daddy and says in a loud voice) "Daddy, a snake is a very long tool that goes all the way down the drain and gets things out like hair and fuz and all sorts of things."

Daddy: (chuckles) "That's right. That is a drain snake. Now close your eyes and go to sleep."

Bean begins making pretend snoring noises that he hears Mommy and Daddy make when they are pretending to sleep, as he thinks this is the way you go to sleep. Mommy and Daddy both begin to laugh. They can't stop.

Bean: Mommy, Daddy, shhh. I'm a tired little boy. I need my rest. It was a very busy day.

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