Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Bath time. Daddy is giving Bean a bath in the bathroom. Mommy is feeding Goobs his evening bottle in the nursery. Daddy and Bean are talking about the day.

Bean: "Oh Daddy, I love you."

Daddy: "I love you too Bean. Why do you love me so much?"

Bean: "Well Daddy, you are very useful."

Daddy: "What am I useful for Bean?"

Bean: (taps his finger to his lips. thinks for a moment) "You're useful for building things Daddy."

Daddy: "What is Goobs useful for?"

Bean: "Wiggling all over the place. That's what Mommy says he does."

Daddy: "What is Mommy useful for."

Bean: (thinks again) "For doing dishes."

Daddy: (Mommy can hear his snicker from the other room. Daddy tries for an answer that Mommy might like a little better) "What else is Mommy useful for?"

Bean: "Vacuuming"

Daddy: (hears Mommy sigh from the other room) "Anything else?"

Bean: "Wiping me after I do a toot toot."

Mommy: (hanging her head and says in a rather terse voice to Daddy) "Just give up honey. You are just making it worse."

Daddy:  "Mommy is very useful isn't she. We love her don't we."

Bean: "Of course we do Daddy."

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  1. From the picture, it also looks like Mommy is very useful for putting up tiny black & white tile! Nice job!