Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Bright Side

Mommy, Bean and Goobs are in the car. The day has been a difficult one. The night before Mommy only got about 3 hours of sleep. Both boys were up multiple times in the night, but never at the same time, which left Mommy spending her night either comforting one of the boys or trying to fall back asleep herself. The bad night sleep led to general day-time crankiness, which led to little-to-no nap, which led to more crankiness of everyone in the house, including the cat. Daddy's car is in the repair shop and Mommy is taking the boys along as she goes to take him to pick up his car at the car repair shop (to the tune of $450, which Mommy thinks may be adding to the crankiness).

Mommy: (Speaking to Bean) "Well, today wasn't the best day was it? Tomorrow will be better, I am sure of it."

Bean: "Mommy, when you are having a bad day it is always best to look on the bright side."

Mommy: (Stunned that her toddler is already spewing life lesson and then actually feeling a little shameful that she just got schooled by a someone who needs help pulling up his own pants) "Yes, that's true. Where did you hear that?"

Bean: "From Calliou."

Mommy: (She figures that even if she can't teach her son how to see a glass as half full then at least she is putting him in front of the right television shows) "Well, Calliou is right. It is always a good idea to look on the bright side, even when you are having a bad day like we did today."

Bean: "Mommy, what's the bright side?"

Mommy: "You mean, like, what does "the bright side" mean or what is the bright side of today?"

Bean: (Thinks for a minute. Figures he is pretty adept at using context to figure out meanings) "What is the bright side of today?"

Mommy: (Admittedly, she speaks a little sarcastically, as she tries to keep her eyes open from being so bloody exhausted) "Well, for me it's that you and Goobs both go to bed at 7 and then I will be off duty for the day."

Bean: "Yes, I was a grumpy boy today. It will be good for me to sleep."

Mommy: "What is the bright side for you?"

Bean: "That we get to have another day tomorrow. "

Mommy: (She perks up a little, realizing that tomorrow is Wednesday and Wednesday is the one day a week that she gets to go into work, go to the bathroom by herself, finish a cup of coffee before it gets cold, and have her personal space all to herself for 8 straight hours) "Yes, we do have tomorrow. That is the bright side."

Bean: "Oh Mommy, I love you. You're a good Mommy."

Mommy: (Now she remembers that Wednesday is the one day of the week that she has to go into work, doesn’t get any hugs and kisses, doesn’t hear any sweet laughter, and can't touch the two people who have made her a much, much better person, for 8 straight hours.) "I love you too Bean. You are pretty great yourself."

Bean: "Aww, yes I am Mommy."

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