Monday, April 12, 2010


Mommy is in the kitchen getting dinner ready. Goobs is in the highchair talking with Mommy. Bean is in the family room keeping himself occupied until dinner is ready.

Bean: (comes running into the kitchen and announces loudly) "Mommy! I can open tops now!"

Mommy: (She is distracted. The water for noodles is boiling over. Goobs is grabbing the mail on the counter. Ernie is sniffing at the pork on the countertop.) "Hmm. That's nice honey."

Bean runs back into the family room. Mommy continues working on dinner and then, suddenly, realizes what her very active three-year-old just said.

Mommy: (Quickly making her way out to the family room) "Tops! What tops did you get off?! What are you doing out here?"

Bean is in the small bathroom off of the family room looking very guilty.

Bean: "Look Mommy. I can take tops off now. I took the top off of the berry soap and the orange Sesame Street soap."

There is liquid foam soap everywhere. Both containers were full. They are now empty. Toilet is covered. Floor is covered. Cabinet is covered. Soap everywhere. When will Mommy learn not to leave him alone!

Mommy: "Well, the bathroom needed to be cleaned anyway I guess."

Tommy: "Mommy, I'm a good helper."

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  1. Alli, you are my hero! I'm not sure I could ever be as patient as you.