Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Mommy

The boys are getting ready for bed. Daddy is in the bedroom with Bean. Goobs and Mommy are in the nursery.

Daddy: (Whispers to Bean) "Here. Go give this to Mommy and tell her 'Happy Birthday'"

Bean: (Runs into the nursery with a small bag and hands it to Mommy) "Here Mommy. Happy Birthday."

Mommy: (opens the bag and finds a new necklace) "Oh Wow! Thank you. It's beautiful. Thank you Daddy. You remembered."

Daddy: (clearly proud of himself that he took Mommy's not so subtle hint when she sent him a link to this website)  "You're welcome. Happy Brithday Mommy. We love you."

Mommy: (admittedly, a little teary eyed. She puts on her new necklace) "Thanks boys. I love you all."

Bean: "Mommy. What's that for? Why do you wear that?"

Mommy: "It's so everyone knows who I belong to."

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