Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Jig Is Up

Saturday before Easter. Mommy and Bean are talking about the events of Easter day.

Mommy: Tomorrow is Easter! After church we are going to the Martin's farm for dinner and hopefully the Easter bunny will have left something for you there.

Bean is staring at Mommy. Something is going through his mind. He has his thinking face on.

Mommy: (Continues, undeterred by the puzzled look on her son's face) "Maybe the Easter bunny will leave you a basket full of candy here at the house and then when we go over to the farm he will have left some eggs for you to find."

Bean furrows his brow. Looking at his mother in disbelief.

Mommy: (Determined to get her ever so serious three-year-old excited about Easter) "Won't that be fun? The Easter bunny will leave all sorts of things for you to find."

Bean: (Finally fed up with his mother and her silly nonsense) "No Mommy, you will hid them. You will hide the eggs at the Martin's farm and I will find them. They are downstairs in the basement. Why would a bunny hide them. Silly Mommy."

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