Sunday, April 25, 2010

Just to Practice

It is 6:30 in the evening. Mommy and Bean are in the family room. It's Mommom's birthday and they are trying to call her on the phone so that Bean can wish her "Happy Birthday". No one is answering the phone.

Mommy: "I guess no one is home. Maybe Poppop took her out for dinner for her birthday." (She sighs and begins to reminisce about the days when she and Daddy could go out for dinner spontaneously, and says quietly to herself.) "Someday I will be able to go out for dinner whenever I want again."

Bean: (Not missing a beat) "But who will baby sit us?"

Mommy: "Oh, I'm talking about when you are all grown up and have moved out of the house."

Bean: (His face becomes very sad and he puts on his worried eyes) "But then you won't have any Bean."

Mommy: "Oh honey. You will always be my Bean. And you won't leave here until you are big and a grown adult. By then you will want to leave."

Bean: (Thinks for a moment, then nods his head to himself as if he has just made an important decision) "I will come back Mommy."

Mommy: (Remembering how often she has come back home to her parents house, even though she is a big and grown adult) "I am sure you will." (Then she adds for her own peace of mind and to preempt any guilt she thinks she should feel for her constant trips to her parents house) "And we will always be more than happy to have you come home, whenever you want."

Bean: "And I will be able to sleep in bed with you then because you won't be so tired because I will be an adult and you will only have to take care of Goobs."

Mommy:  "If you want to sleep in bed with me when you are 19 and come home, then, my little Bean, you may sleep in bed with me. Absolutely."

Bean: (With a look of absolute triumph as if he has just negotiated world peace he whispers in his 'If I Say It Really Quietly She Won't Hear Me And Will Just Say Yes' voice) "Maybe I should sleep with you tonight Mommy, just to practice."

Mommy: (Knowing perfectly well that he won't want to sleep with her when he is 19 and he probably won't let her hug and kiss him like he does now and feeling just a little bit sad that this day is probably going to come much, much too soon, even if he is a little bit of a terror right now, she says back in a whisper) "Maybe you should Bean, just to practice of course."

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