Tuesday, April 13, 2010


It's 4:30 in the afternoon. Bean, Mommy and Goobs are coming in from playing outside. Bean goes into the family room to play. Mommy sets Goobs up in the highchair and starts cooking dinner.

Bean: (Entering the kitchen) "Mommy, I think I need to watch one of my shows so that I can decompress."

Mommy: (A little aghast at what her three-year-old just told her) "Um, ok. I guess if you need to 'decompress'."

Bean: "Yes Mommy. I'm a very tired little boy. Playing outside is hard work."

Mommy: "Ok, go get on the couch. I will turn your show on for you while I make dinner."

Mommy goes back to making dinner. About 10 minutes later Bean calls out from the living room.

Bean: (In a rather loud and demanding voice) "Mommy, is my dinner ready yet."

Mommy: (Doesn't like the tone in his voice and especially doesn't like any man yelling at her to get his dinner ready, she walks into the living room to address the attitude. She begins laughing as soon as she sees him) "Um, what happened to your pants?"

Bean: "I took them off. I had to get comfortable. So I could relax."

Mommy rolls her eyes and figures she will let Daddy worry about this one.


  1. Manfred says "right on Tommy"

  2. Mildred is very impressed with the healthy, well-balanced meal that appear in the pix - you are a good cook as well as a patient mother.