Monday, April 19, 2010

Mommy Returns

Mommy has just returned home from her weekend away. She is feeling rejuvenated and ready to, once again, tackle motherhood. Daddy is greeting her in the driveway with Bean and Goobs.

Bean: (Running up to Mommy and giving her legs a big hug) "Mommy! You're home!"

Mommy: (Picking Bean up and hugging him properly) "Hi Sweet Pea. I missed you. How was your weekend."

Bean: "Good. I was good for Daddy."

Mommy: (Grabs Goobs out of Daddy's hands and gives him a big hug and many, many kisses, causing him to giggle. She looks at Daddy. He is looking a little weary) "Hi. How did it go?"

Daddy: (Pauses. He looks as if he is trying to figure out what the best answer would be) "Fine. Everything was fine. We had fun."

Mommy: (feeling a little disappointed that things were so perfect) "Really? Well, good. I was hoping they would behave for you."

Daddy: "Yeah, things went well. Saturday morning, things got a little dicey there for a few minutes, but we recovered."

Mommy, Daddy, Bean, and Goobs all walk inside. Surprisingly, the kitchen is clean. The rugs have been vacuumed. Laundry has been done and put away. Even the grocery shopping has been done. The painting of the upstairs hallway that was half finished when she left has been completed. Pictures have been have been re-hung on the wall. Mommy has a look of utter shock and disbelief on her face.

Mommy: (Not quite sure that she likes the fact that Daddy manages to get more done than she does when he is home with the boys) "Wow! The house is so...clean. Oh my gosh. You put all the laundry away. Wow."

Daddy: (not even attempting to take any of the credit) "Yeah, your parents were here Friday. And your Mom just finished the painting and mowed the lawn."

Mommy: (feeling relieved) "Oh good. I thought you managed to get all that done while taking care of the boys."

Daddy: (Laughs out loud) "Ha, are you kidding me! That was all your parents. Goobs and I managed to grocery shop while they had Bean though."

Daddy gets a very serious look on his face. He is going over the events of the weekend alone with the boys in his head. He puts Goobs down on the floor, goes over to Mommy, and very earnestly hugs her.

Daddy: "Thank you for coming back."

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