Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Taken Over

Evening. Mommy and Daddy are sitting in the living room. Bean and Goobs are in bed. Mommy and Daddy are finally able to have a conversation about the exceptionally difficult day that Mommy had with Bean.

Mommy: "So, we have to do something. Bean is crazy jealous and does nothing but whine and complain all day and whenever he is in the same room as Goobs he pushes him and gets really frustrated with him."

Daddy: "Well, it is hard for him. Goobs has come in and totally taken over everything in his life. He doesn't have anything to himself anymore."

Mommy: (She rolls her eyes slightly. Being the second born herself, it is very hard for her to have pity for first-borns) "I know, I know. I think he needs a place to play with some of his stuff that Goobs can't get to. Every time Bean sat down to play with something in the family room, Goobs crawled right over and started getting into it. I can see how that would be frustrating."

Daddy: "Well, maybe we need to separate the toys. Then we can gate the family room and Goobs can be out there and Bean can be here in the living room with some of his toys. We can just move the Bean toys out here in the living room."

Mommy becomes silent. She furrows her brow. Takes a very deep and dramatic breath and slowly sighs. She appears to be on the verge of tears.

Daddy: "Don't worry honey. I know it was a long day. It will get better. He is just a little jealous. We'll get though it."

Mommy: "Huh? Oh, yeah. I'm not worried about that. It's just that the earlier in the week I had to put the pack-n-play back up in the dining room. Now we are talking about Bean's toys in the living room. You do realize this is the last room that doesn't have kids stuff in it."

Daddy: (Making a mental inventory. Remembering the toy truck that Bean left on his pillow for him last night and the never ending baskets of laundry which sit in Mommy and Daddy's bedroom waiting to be put away. Realizes that Mommy is right and looks around the living room. The room has amazingly managed to stay completely child-free.) "Well, it was bound to happen sometime. Sorry about it."

Mommy: "Oh well. They're worth it I suppose. Besides, once they move out every room will be mine again."

Daddy: (Smirks and stifles a little laugh) "Yeah." (pauses) "I would agree with you...if we didn't spend nearly every weekend at your parents, send our children over there for sleepovers and have them take our dog on a regular basis. Think about how much stuff of our family's stuff is at your parents house."

Mommy: (She realizes that Daddy is right) "Crap!" (not really what Mommy said, but edited for content)

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  1. Just look at the visits as environmental awareness - country life has tree frogs at night, an occasional deer trotting across the golf course, mallard ducks in the swimming pool, and endless "chores" to do in the garden according to Tommy. We are thankful you live so near so we can be a part of these two little lives -