Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bean Huxtable?

Mommy and Daddy have finally finished clearing out the basement and setting it up as their office. When they moved into the house 4 years ago, the basement contained a double basin sink made entirely of concrete and a makeshift bathroom that was so dark, dingy and downright creepy that a friend once referred to it as the "scary secret murder bathroom".

The murder bathroom has been disassembled and the sink has been broken apart and replaced with a shiny new sink (much thanks Poppop). The hand-me-down furniture and other collection of things that has traveled with Mommy and Daddy since they got married 10 years ago is also gone. They have put down new carpet and set up their desks. This is the first time they feel as if they have a place of their own, untouched by children. It is to be a place they can retreat to when they can't stand looking at the mess that seems to have slowly overtaken them. They do realize that it is slightly pathetic that the dark, slightly damp basement is a place of paradise for them, but they intend to take what they can get.

It's the morning after Mommy and Daddy have finished the basement. They are eating breakfast with Bean and Goobs.

Daddy: "Hey, it's going to be really nice to go downstairs to do the laundry. I'm actually looking forward to seeing it again. I think we did a really great job on the basement."

Mommy: (She is vigorously shaking her head, trying to get Daddy to stop talking. She doesn't want Bean to overhear. The basement has always been a no kids zone because of the clutter, dirt and basic unlivability. If all goes according to plan it could be years before Bean realizes that there is a living space down there. Mommy was hoping to keep it under wraps and not clue Bean in on the reformation any time soon but Daddy just blew it.) "Yes, we did a good job cleaning it up.  Even though we just use it for doing laundry. It's good to get things a little cleaner, so we can do laundry. Because that is all the basement is really for, laundry."

Bean: (Mommy can see him thinking. She is hoping he doesn't ask. Please, please let him ignore what Daddy just said. Just this once God. Let him not hear what Daddy was saying.) "I want to see the basement Daddy."

Daddy: (Realizing what he has done, tries to recover) "Oh, it's no big deal. We just put a few things away and moved the freezer."

Bean: (Not buying it for a second. When Mommy wants him to do something, he doesn't hear a thing, but when it involves a moved freezer, he is all ears.) "No Daddy, I think I want to see the basement. Pleeeeeeese."

Mommy: (Nods to Daddy. She sighs and says in a very defeated and slightly depressed tone) "We'll take you down after breakfast.”

Breakfast is finished and Bean doesn't forget about the basement. They take the boys down and when they get there Bean's eyes get very wide. He sees the open floor space. He see the desks, nicely organized and neat. He sees the sewing machine and all of Mommy's things set up and ready for her to use. He sees the empty table that Mommy intends to use as her sewing table, pulls a chair up to it and takes a seat.

Bean: "Oh Mommy. This is really nice. Can I bring all my trucks down here Mommy?"

Mommy: (She is feeling as if she is in an episode of The Cosby Show. Surely this is something Cliff Huxtable would complain taking over a room he just fixed up for himself. She has a brief glimpse of what life might be like with teenagers in the house, starts to feel a little sick and decided to lay down the law. ) "No, you may bring one truck down. And, you can only come down here if Mommy is down here. And, you can't touch anything unless you have my permission. Wait, no! This space is just for Mommy and Daddy and you really can't come down here at all. Yeah! This is Mommy and Daddy's office and it is off limits to you kids."

Bean: (Still sitting at the empty table he is thinking very hard) "Ok Mommy. I will only bring down 3 trucks and this can be my desk."

If only they would make a sitcom out of my life. I could be a millionaire and build a whole wing on the house just for me! 

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Order Now!

Mommy needs just a few minutes to get her clothes changed before she, Bean and Goobs head out for their afternoon activity. Bean is begging to watch a video on the computer. Since her shirt is covered in peaches and yogurt from lunch, Mommy relents and searches for firetrucks, which is the favorite topic of the week. She comes across the "Lots and Lots of Fire Trucks" promotional video. It has a song and moving pictures of fire trucks. He has seen it once before so Mommy knows it is safe to let him watch. She starts the video and heads upstairs to change.

The video has finished and Mommy can hear Bean downstairs yelling something at her.

Mommy: "I can't hear you honey. If you want to talk to me you have to come upstairs."

Bean: (Running up the stairs he stands in front of Mommy out of breath) "Mommy! We need to order now!"

Mommy: (Very confused and feeling like she missed something) "What are you talking about?"

Bean: (Becoming a little frustrated with Mommy that she isn't immediately ordering whatever it is that he wants) "'Lots and Lots of Fire Trucks' Mommy. It's for anyone who loves fire trucks. I love fire trucks. We get two video's for the price of one."

Mommy: "What the heck were you watching down there."

Bean: "The fire trucks video Mommy. You need to go order them right now."

Mommy: (Finally catching on to what Bean is trying to tell her) "Oh, I get it. They were selling the video after they showed the clip. I don't know if we are going to order them. We can't buy everything people tell us to buy."

Bean: (Now with great urgency) "Mommy! We need to order now. We get a bonus audio CD."

Mommy: (Slightly amazed that her three year old has managed to remember an entire commercial in one sitting) "What? How old are you kid? How do you remember this stuff?"

Bean: (Looking at Mommy as if she just asked the dumbest question he has ever heard) "Mommy, I'm three. Satisfaction is guaranteed. Call today!"

Two days later, with the "Lots and Lots of Fire Trucks" song stuck in her head, Mommy orders the videos. Satisfaction better be guaranteed.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Itty Bitty Hockey

It is another Itty Bitty Sports Sampler morning. Mommy is not looking forward to taking Bean to yet another class where he will most likely spend the whole of it laying on the floor or cowering on the bleachers with Mommy. However, Mommy paid a whopping $65 for the class and she intends to get her money's worth. Despite his protest about going, Mommy straps Bean into the car. Goobs is, of course, happily babbling and laughing at his brother's antics.

They arrive at class and this week they are going to try out floor hockey. Bean sees the hockey sticks and takes off at a run. He is very pleased. Mommy is a little nervous about the large, full sized hockey sticks that are going to be wielded around by 3 and 4 year olds and looks around for the helmets and face masks. There are none. Mommy takes a deep breath and figures if the coaches aren't worried then she shouldn't be either.

Bean: (Practically jumping out of his skin as he runs back to mommy, with the hockey stick in hand and waving it through the air) "Mommy, Mommy, it's hockey day!! I'm going to go play!"

Mommy watches as Bean begins hitting the puck with the stick and to her surprise, he manages to hit the puck more times than he misses. She notices that the other kids are standing at a distance from her son and she realizes it is because when he goes to hit the puck, instead of keeping the stick close to the ground, he swings the hockey stick as if it is a 3 wood and he is trying to drive the puck down the fairway; a scary sight when it is a not quite coordinated three year old doing the swinging.  He is using enough force to demolish a small building, which Mommy suspects is exactly what is going through his mind. As she watches one too many near misses with other children's chins, eyes and foreheads, she is very glad that Daddy is a lawyer and they will have free legal representation when the inevitable lawsuits start rolling in.

Class begins and Bean goes over with the other kids. As the coach is talking, Bean begins to get that "I'm three and I can't pay attention to more than two sentences before my mind starts to wander" look in his eyes and before Mommy knows it, Bean grabs a puck and begins rolling around on the floor. Mommy closes her eyes and just shakes her head. Bean manages to roll all the way across the gym floor to Mommy.

Bean: (Loud enough for the bleacher section to hear) "Mommy, I'm a steam roller."

Mommy: (She is only slightly embarrassed. Mostly she is trying to figure out how a steam roller has anything to do with hockey) "That's great. Why don't you go over and listen. I think they are going to start playing."

Bean steam rolls his way back over to the coaches and other children. They begin a passing exercise and Bean is matched up with one of the coaches, much to Mommy's relief.

They begin playing and there is Bean. Listening and playing along with the coach, just as good as he can be. As he swings his mighty hockey stick in the air, the coach quickly reminds him that, for safety, he is to keep the stick on the floor. To Mommy's utter delight, he listens and then he let's the coach adjust his grip. He passes the puck to her, just as she instructed, and then she passes it back. This goes on for 10 minutes! As Mommy is watching this, she finds herself getting all choked up. She is so proud of her little man. Four weeks ago he would only sit on the bench and watch, and now he is out there participating and listening. Mommy knows this is a small accomplishment. He hasn't cured cancer or established world peace, but this is a monumental day. Bean is showing independence from Mommy, and it feels so good. Mommy feels the tears well up in her eyes and she begins to wonder. If she is this emotional at Itty Bitty Floor Hockey, what is she going to be like when he gets on the school bus for the first time? Or imagine the complete emotional breakdown at his high school graduation! "Get it together Mommy. You're ridiculous," she says to herself as she quickly wipes away the beginnings of tears.

Bean makes it for the entire hour, all the while playing and listening with the other children. Aside from a brief moment where he is a green racecar and runs around the gym making race car noises, he completes the class with the rest of the children, participating in all the activities. It was a most successful Itty Bitty Sports Sampler morning. Mommy is proud and her mascara is still in tact.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Vote for Bean and Goobs!

It is a half hour before bedtime, the time of day when things can go very bad, very quickly. Bean is sitting on the potty while Daddy is telling him a story. Mommy and Goobs are in the living room. Goobs is enraptured by a toy garbage truck that makes noise and he has finally figured out which button he needs to push to continue the noise. Mommy uses this moment of everyone being occupied to do a quick email check.

Mommy: (scanning her email and the letting out a little holler) "Oh my gosh! I'm a finalist!"

Daddy: (Stopping his story mid-sentence and says from the powder room) "What?"

Mommy: "The blog. It's one of three finalists in a blogging competition!"

At this point Mommy is a little distracted as she continues to read the particulars about her nomination. Daddy notices Goobs take off at a quick crawl toward the stairs. Bean has finished his business on the potty and is ready for Daddy to help clean him up.

Daddy: (Trying to sound excited for his wife, but he is a little nervous that she is now completely distracted and all of a sudden he has to watch both kids; one is crawling toward the stairs and the other is running around the newly carpeted family room with a poopy butt) "Wow, that 's great. Good for you. Um, where's Goobs?"

Mommy: (Still distracted) "I know, I know, I'll go get him. Hold on I just have to read this email."

Daddy: (Frantically trying to keep things under control and let Mommy have her moment, even if it is very short.) "Hold still Bean, I need to wipe you up. Wait! No! Don't sit down on the carpet. Just hold still." (Then to Mommy again, this time with a little more desperation in his voice) "Where's Goobs?"

Mommy: "Wow, I can't believe it. That is kinda cool huh?"

Daddy: (Stops what he is doing and runs to get Goobs, who is just about to clear the third step. Comes back over and stands next to Mommy) "Honey, it's really great that your blog got nominated. I'm really proud of you. It's a good blog. But, we aren't talking a Pulitzer here and Goobs was almost upstairs. If you leave us alone like this without warning me, there may not be anyone left for you to blog about. Things are kinda getting away from me here."

Mommy: (comes out of her trance) "Oh don't be so dramatic. I saw Goobs the whole time. Third step right? He had one more to go before it got really dangerous. (Goes out to the family room, grabs a wipe) "Bean, get over here and let me wipe your bottom. Gross."

Bean walks over and let's Mommy wipe him up, lickity split. She pats his little bottom and sends everyone upstairs for bath.

Bean and Goobs are now in the bath and Mommy is washing Goobs while she has a conversation with Bean.

Bean: (Having overheard the previous conversation between Mommy and Daddy) "Mommy, what's a finalist?"

Mommy: "Well, you know how Mommy writes about all our adventures? Someone liked it and nominated me for a little award."

Bean: "What do we get that is special for it?"

Mommy: "Just the recognition that I am doing something mildly interesting, other than taking care of you and Goobs of course."

Bean: "But what will we get that is special?"

Mommy: "Well, if I win, they would tell people about my blog and then more people would read it. Then, maybe, someone would actually pay me to write someday. And, if someone actually gives me money to write, then the first special thing I will buy myself is an iPhone.

Bean: (Thinks for a minute, then whispers) "And maybe a little toy."

Mommy: "I guess if I win then I could buy you a little present, since you are my muse."

Bean: "Yes Mommy, I am amusing."

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

She's Still Got It!

Mommy and Bean are sitting in the living room reading stories.

Mommy: (Stops reading the story and turns to Bean) "Do you know what I have stuck in my head?"

Bean: "What Mommy?"

Mommy: (She sings the Blues Clues theme song to Bean) "I can't get it out of my head"

Bean: (Looks straight ahead and smiles while Mommy is singing the song. Mommy knows this is Bean's way of showing he is very happy about what is going on.) "What else do you have in your head Mommy."

Mommy: (Loving that her little boy does such a great job at setting her up for one-liners.) "Not as much as there used to be."

Bean: "There must be something else in there Mommy."

Mommy: "Oh there's lots of things in my head. Things about babies, and three-year-old's and trucks and diggers and garbage trucks, and obviously Blues Clues."

Bean: "What else Mommy?

Mommy: "I don't know, let me think.

Sure that this would be a great opportunity to recite some of her favorite poetry lines or one of her favorite passages from a book, Mommy begins scanning the rarely used portion of her brain so she can dazzle her son with her intellect. She sits there thinking, while Bean is waiting for her to tell him something else that is in her head. She is searching... babies, toddlers, baby gear, toys, dinner, diapers, laundry, cleaning, sandboxes, strollers, books, wait, there it is! Books...Frog and Toad, Little Bear, Diggers and Dumpers, Counting Kisses, Cars and Trucks and Things that Go...that's not right. She is able to come up with passages from any of those books but where is the Dickinson, Bronte, Austen, Tennyson, Whitman, Elliott. All that money she paid (well, Mommom and Poppop paid, thanks guys) and it's all gone! It's been replaced with Frog and Toad and Little Bear. They are great characters, but not exactly what she was hoping for when she took a degree in Literature. She is still scanning her brain and mourning her infantized intellect when she feels Bean pat her on the shoulder.

Bean: "That's OK Mommy. There doesn't have to be anything else in your head. Blues clues is good. I like Blue's clues."

Mommy: (Completely panicked now, still thinking, racking her brain for something not child related) "Wait, just give me a second sweetie, there really is something else in there."

Bean: "You could sing me a song Mommy."

Mommy gasps. It's there! Whitman! Oh Walt, you didn't desert me!

I hear America singing, the varied carols I hear,
Those of mechanics, each one singing his as it should be blithe and strong...

She recites the poem to Bean and he just stares at her. He seems to only register the words 'mechanic', 'carpenter', 'boatman' and 'wood cutter'.

Bean:  "What did you say? Can you tell me the story about the mechanic again, and then sing Blue Clues again please Mommy?"

Mommy: (Feeling much better about the whole thing she makes a mental note that she needs to get some of the old college poetry collections out so she can brush up and avoid another intellectual close call.) "Yes, mechanic poem first, then Blues Clues. It would be my pleasure."

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sharing Mommy

Bath time is over. Mommy is feeding Goobs his bottle in the nursery and getting him ready. Daddy and Bean are in Bean's room, getting him ready for bed.

Bean: "I want Mommy to do 'jamies and stories."

Daddy: "Mommy is taking care of Goobs right now. She will come in and do your stories after I get your pajamas on."

Bean: "I don't want Mommy to take care of Goobs. I want her to come in here NOW!"

Daddy: "Well, Mommy is Goobs's Mommy too. He wants Mommy to put him to bed. You have to share Mommy with him."

Bean: (obviously not on board with the whole sharing Mommy thing and seems a little surprised that Daddy would even suggest such a horrific idea and says with much conviction) "I don't want to share Mommy. She is my Mommy."

Daddy: "Well, she is Goobs's Mommy too. He needs to have a Mommy."

Bean: (trying to come up with a solution to the Mommy shortage. He cares about his little brother, but not enough to share his own Mommy with him) "Well, you can be his Mommy."

Daddy: "No, I'm his Daddy."

Bean: "Then Mommom can be his Mommy."

Daddy: "No, Mommom is his grandmother. Besides, she is already Mommy's mommy."

Bean: "That's ok Daddy. She can just be extra busy. She is just a little bit old and Poppop can help her."

Daddy: "We'll run it by them in the morning. But I'm pretty sure Mommy won't want to give up Goobs."

Bean: "They can just take care of him until I'm done with Mommy. Then Goobs can have her back."

Monday, May 17, 2010

Snot Nosed Kid

This is what two front teeth coming in look like...

Gross. Poor Goobs.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bean for Hire

Mommy has just come downstairs from getting Goobs up from his nap. Bean was eating crackers on the couch when Mommy went upstairs. The cracker are now in tiny crumb size pieces all over the couch and floor.

Mommy: "Um, what happened here?"

Bean: "Mommy, I'm a wood chipper."

Mommy: "Hmm, well, I think we are going to have to vacuum up these wood chips."

Bean: "Oh Mommy, I can help."

Mommy: "Ok, and we need to clean up all of these trucks before we leave to go to the play museum. So, let's take care of all of it now.

Bean begins picking up his trucks. They are all over the living room and dining room and Mommy is sure she is going to end up doing most of it herself. Bean continues to pick up trucks, unprompted, and Mommy, feeling a little shocked, takes a seat on the couch and watches her three-year-old clean up the living room himself. He picks up each and every toy, puts it back in its place and even puts the pillows back on the couch. Mommy is thinking that maybe, just maybe this three-year-old craziness is beginning to wane.

Mommy: "Great job Bean. You are a regular little helper. Do you want to vacuum now?"

Bean: "Oh sure! That sounds like a great plan."

Mommy puts Ernie upstairs and closes the pocket door so that he can't get to the vacuum in the living room. Ernie doesn't like the vacuum. She then gets the vacuum out, and in all honesty, begins to feel a little guilty. She plugs it in for Bean and shows him where to vacuum. And, to Mommy's continued surprise, he does it. Mommy sits there, with Goobs on her lap, as her son vacuums the living room. Mommy is thinking to herself "Boy, I really have done a good job. Some woman somewhere is going to love me for the fact that I taught my boys how to clean." "Three be damned," she thinks to herself. "I've got this all under control."

Mommy is busy patting herself on the back while Bean, with the vacuum still running, runs over to the pocket door and let's Ernie out. Mommy isn't quite sure how it all happened, but it ended up with a deranged dog, an exploded vacuum cleaner bag and a three-year-old laughing hysterically.

Maybe he isn't ready to do all the housework quite yet.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Mommy the Mess

Mommy has been fighting a migraine for almost a week and the migraine has been winning. She knows that when she has one of these headaches, she is not the best mother. Her temper is short. She has very little tolerance for the constant face touching and hair pulling that Goobs inflicts on her. She has even less tolerance for the "jungle gym Mommy" game that Bean insists on playing while it is rest time. The week has been long and has made Mommy question if she is cut out for this motherhood thing.

For the first time in days the headache has started to lift and thankfully, it has come in time for Mommy to go to bed. She crawls into bed and lays her head down. Just as she is drifting off to sleep, Bean starts screaming. He is having one of his night terrors. Mommy gets up and goes into his room. Bean usually has a night terror when he is over tired or anxious, and since today was a work day for her, she is not surprised that he is having one. Mommy has learned that it is best to just sit on the end of the bed and watch him so that he doesn't hurt himself from the kicking and flailing.

Mommy: "I'm right here Bean. Can you wake up?"

Bean: (screaming and crying) "Mommy, I want Mommy."

Mommy: "I'm right here honey. Mommy is sitting right here."

Bean continues to scream and holler, kick and flair for another 10 minutes, all the while calling for Mommy. If she lived 100 years ago, Mommy would be sure that her son was possessed. Mommy sits on the end of Bean's bed, unable to do anything as he screams for her. She continues reassuring him that she is right there, but he can't see her or hear her. Finally he seems to wake up and looks at her, confused.

Bean: (in a completely normal voice, totally unaware of what has just occurred) "Hi Mommy. Can I come sleep in your bed with you?"

Mommy is unable to resist this request. She is the product of a liberal arts education and she has taken her share of developmental and psychology classes. Not enough to do anyone any good, but enough to know that her little boy is somehow processing the stress of being away from his mother all day through his night terrors. She agrees to his request and they both climb into Mommy's bed. Bean slides over to Mommy's side to snuggle up with Mommy.

Bean drifts off to sleep. Mumbling something about fire dogs, construction dogs, Christmas dog and Christmas trucks. Mommy lays there in the dark, listening to her little man breathe. She wonders to herself, how can she love something so fiercely. Especially something that seems to have completely uprooted her life. Something that makes every single day a challenge. Nothing is easy with this thing around. He is messy, needy, clingy, still needs his own bottom wiped, and is the reason Mommy never has more than 5 minutes to herself. Somehow though, this is one of the only two things in this world that Mommy would give her life for. She lays there, trying to wrap her head around this concept. How can motherhood be so hard (and it is very, very hard) and yet she willingly does it, over and over again, day after day. If this were any other job, she would have quit a long, long time ago.  The craziest part is that when it is all over and they are gone and she finally has her life back, she is going to wish that they weren't gone and that she could do it all over again.

Bean rouses, finds cozy blanket, rolls over to face Mommy.

Bean: "Mommy, I love you. You're a good Mommy."

Mommy: "I love you too Bean. Have a good sleep."

She goes to sleep in a puddle of tears, unable to comprehend how this wee little thing has turned Mommy into a total and complete mush ball, who now cries from joy and then goes on to tell the whole world about it in a blog. Motherhood has made a mess of her, but she supposes she wouldn't have it any other way.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


One minute they are acting all "3" on you, 

And just when you think you can't take it anymore,

 they make you feel as if your heart might explode from loving them so much.

And when you think you may finally have it figured out,

you look around and remember why you just go ahead and take the 2 Excedrin first thing in the morning.

But then breakfast time comes, 

and you figure, this isn't such a bad way to spend your day.

Land sakes I love these two.

And they are lucky I do, because they are nuts!

 Happy Mother's Day to me, and all you Mothers, who are still sane.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Warm and Fuzzy...And Wet

Mommy, Bean and Goobs have just returned home from the garden store. They are outside ready to plant some new vegetables in the garden. Mommy is changing Bean's shoes while he is sitting in the back of the van.

Mommy: (Taking off Bean's socks and rolling up his pants, she looks at his little leg and leans over and gives it a kiss) "I love your little legs."

Bean: "How come Mommy."

Mommy: "Because I just love everything about you Bean."

Bean: (Leans over and gives Mommy a hug. A real hug full of real affection.) "Oh Mommy. I love you."

Mommy takes this moment and files it away in her memory. Her little three year old has just shown genuine affection and has appreciated the affection she just gave him. Despite it all, the craziness, the sleeplessness, the whining and all, he is a sweet little boy and she thinks that maybe, just maybe she is doing something right. He is a little boy that knows how to love and he must have learned that from somewhere.

Bean jumps down from the back of the van. Mommy starts getting the plants out of the back. She is feeling all warm and wonderful from her little moment with Bean. She turns around to ask Bean if he wants to help her with the planting and there he stands. The garden hose in hand. Cocked and ready to fire. Seconds later Mommy isn't feeling so warm and fuzzy. She is feeling more cold and wet from the dousing her sweet, kind, loving three year old just gave her with the hose.

Ah Motherhood. They love you one minute and then they spray you with the garden hose.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

All Thumbs

Bean and Mommy are getting in the car to go to swimming lessons. It was a challenge getting Bean ready for an 8:30 am swim time, but Mommy and Bean are now in the car and ready to go. Mommy is feeling a small sense of accomplishment.

Mommy: "Well, it was a little rough, but we got there. Great job Bean. Two thumbs up!"

Bean: (Looks at Mommy with her two thumbs up) "What did you say?"

Mommy: "I said, two thumbs up. Eh, ok." (Mommy sticks her thumbs up again)

Bean starts manipulating his hands and tries to stick his thumbs up as well. Mommy starts driving and is watching Bean in the mirror.

Bean: (With a little panic in his voice) "Mommy, they won't work. They won't work!"

Mommy: "Keep trying. You'll get it."

Bean: (He keeps working on it and eventually shouts out triumphantly) "Look Mommy, I did it."

Bean is sitting in the back seat with both middle fingers up. Mommy laughs.

Mommy: "Uh, those aren't your thumbs honey. "

Bean: "I will show Daddy when we get home."

Mommy: "Yes, you do that. Daddy will love it. Just make sure you don't show Grandma and Grandpa or Mommom and Poppop...or really anyone else for that matter."

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Forever 3?

Dinner time. Bean, Goobs and Mommy are sitting at the table as the meal is ending. Goobs has enjoyed a dinner of baby food beans, mashed banana, toast pieces and yogurt. Bean trying to finish his green beans.

Bean: "Mommy, I don't think I am very interested in the beans."

Mommy: (Loving the little phrases that Bean uses and feeling particularly affectionate towards the little munchkin) "Well, I know that you are interested in the cupcake that is left over from this weekend, so you better eat those green beans up if you want it."

Bean quickly finishes his green beans and Mommy serves him the cupcake.

Bean: "Mommy, this cupcake is lovely."

Mommy: (Absolutely loves the fact that her little three year old just referred to a cupcake as lovely.) "I think you're lovely. Just lovely."

Bean: "Mmmmm, Mommy."

Mommy watches Bean eat his cupcake. She thinks about all the funny things he says and how good it feels when his little arms wrap themselves around her neck to give her a hug. She thinks about all of his little thank you's and I love you Mommy's. She think about how cute and stumpy his little legs look in shorts and how there are bruises all over them from his constant falling. She thinks about how he calls his new sneakers his "snazzy" sneakers and insists on wearing them outside so he can get "his exercise". She begins to wish that he would never grow up and he would stay 3 forever.

Then, out of the corner of her eye she notices the three couch cushions that have been pulled off of the couch to make a fort. From the dining room she can see the teddy grahams and fishy crumbs that were under the cushions. She looks at the floor under her dining room table and notices all of the trucks that seem to have sprouted up there. She sees the tupperware that is all over the kitchen floor that she is going to have to pick up for the 4th time today. Then she looks over at Bean, who is now smearing the cupcake frosting on the kitchen table while simultaneously throwing the rest of his chicken on the floor for the dog, who is currently licking the high chair clean from the baby beans and bananas.

Mommy thinks that maybe being 3 forever might not be such a good idea.