Wednesday, May 5, 2010

All Thumbs

Bean and Mommy are getting in the car to go to swimming lessons. It was a challenge getting Bean ready for an 8:30 am swim time, but Mommy and Bean are now in the car and ready to go. Mommy is feeling a small sense of accomplishment.

Mommy: "Well, it was a little rough, but we got there. Great job Bean. Two thumbs up!"

Bean: (Looks at Mommy with her two thumbs up) "What did you say?"

Mommy: "I said, two thumbs up. Eh, ok." (Mommy sticks her thumbs up again)

Bean starts manipulating his hands and tries to stick his thumbs up as well. Mommy starts driving and is watching Bean in the mirror.

Bean: (With a little panic in his voice) "Mommy, they won't work. They won't work!"

Mommy: "Keep trying. You'll get it."

Bean: (He keeps working on it and eventually shouts out triumphantly) "Look Mommy, I did it."

Bean is sitting in the back seat with both middle fingers up. Mommy laughs.

Mommy: "Uh, those aren't your thumbs honey. "

Bean: "I will show Daddy when we get home."

Mommy: "Yes, you do that. Daddy will love it. Just make sure you don't show Grandma and Grandpa or Mommom and Poppop...or really anyone else for that matter."


  1. So, what was the fee for teaching a Clark child their first curse word? Paying their college tuition, if I recall correctly? Looks like you're footin' the bill, mama! (Phew, I'm off the hook!)