Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bean for Hire

Mommy has just come downstairs from getting Goobs up from his nap. Bean was eating crackers on the couch when Mommy went upstairs. The cracker are now in tiny crumb size pieces all over the couch and floor.

Mommy: "Um, what happened here?"

Bean: "Mommy, I'm a wood chipper."

Mommy: "Hmm, well, I think we are going to have to vacuum up these wood chips."

Bean: "Oh Mommy, I can help."

Mommy: "Ok, and we need to clean up all of these trucks before we leave to go to the play museum. So, let's take care of all of it now.

Bean begins picking up his trucks. They are all over the living room and dining room and Mommy is sure she is going to end up doing most of it herself. Bean continues to pick up trucks, unprompted, and Mommy, feeling a little shocked, takes a seat on the couch and watches her three-year-old clean up the living room himself. He picks up each and every toy, puts it back in its place and even puts the pillows back on the couch. Mommy is thinking that maybe, just maybe this three-year-old craziness is beginning to wane.

Mommy: "Great job Bean. You are a regular little helper. Do you want to vacuum now?"

Bean: "Oh sure! That sounds like a great plan."

Mommy puts Ernie upstairs and closes the pocket door so that he can't get to the vacuum in the living room. Ernie doesn't like the vacuum. She then gets the vacuum out, and in all honesty, begins to feel a little guilty. She plugs it in for Bean and shows him where to vacuum. And, to Mommy's continued surprise, he does it. Mommy sits there, with Goobs on her lap, as her son vacuums the living room. Mommy is thinking to herself "Boy, I really have done a good job. Some woman somewhere is going to love me for the fact that I taught my boys how to clean." "Three be damned," she thinks to herself. "I've got this all under control."

Mommy is busy patting herself on the back while Bean, with the vacuum still running, runs over to the pocket door and let's Ernie out. Mommy isn't quite sure how it all happened, but it ended up with a deranged dog, an exploded vacuum cleaner bag and a three-year-old laughing hysterically.

Maybe he isn't ready to do all the housework quite yet.

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