Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Forever 3?

Dinner time. Bean, Goobs and Mommy are sitting at the table as the meal is ending. Goobs has enjoyed a dinner of baby food beans, mashed banana, toast pieces and yogurt. Bean trying to finish his green beans.

Bean: "Mommy, I don't think I am very interested in the beans."

Mommy: (Loving the little phrases that Bean uses and feeling particularly affectionate towards the little munchkin) "Well, I know that you are interested in the cupcake that is left over from this weekend, so you better eat those green beans up if you want it."

Bean quickly finishes his green beans and Mommy serves him the cupcake.

Bean: "Mommy, this cupcake is lovely."

Mommy: (Absolutely loves the fact that her little three year old just referred to a cupcake as lovely.) "I think you're lovely. Just lovely."

Bean: "Mmmmm, Mommy."

Mommy watches Bean eat his cupcake. She thinks about all the funny things he says and how good it feels when his little arms wrap themselves around her neck to give her a hug. She thinks about all of his little thank you's and I love you Mommy's. She think about how cute and stumpy his little legs look in shorts and how there are bruises all over them from his constant falling. She thinks about how he calls his new sneakers his "snazzy" sneakers and insists on wearing them outside so he can get "his exercise". She begins to wish that he would never grow up and he would stay 3 forever.

Then, out of the corner of her eye she notices the three couch cushions that have been pulled off of the couch to make a fort. From the dining room she can see the teddy grahams and fishy crumbs that were under the cushions. She looks at the floor under her dining room table and notices all of the trucks that seem to have sprouted up there. She sees the tupperware that is all over the kitchen floor that she is going to have to pick up for the 4th time today. Then she looks over at Bean, who is now smearing the cupcake frosting on the kitchen table while simultaneously throwing the rest of his chicken on the floor for the dog, who is currently licking the high chair clean from the baby beans and bananas.

Mommy thinks that maybe being 3 forever might not be such a good idea.

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