Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Itty Bitty Hockey

It is another Itty Bitty Sports Sampler morning. Mommy is not looking forward to taking Bean to yet another class where he will most likely spend the whole of it laying on the floor or cowering on the bleachers with Mommy. However, Mommy paid a whopping $65 for the class and she intends to get her money's worth. Despite his protest about going, Mommy straps Bean into the car. Goobs is, of course, happily babbling and laughing at his brother's antics.

They arrive at class and this week they are going to try out floor hockey. Bean sees the hockey sticks and takes off at a run. He is very pleased. Mommy is a little nervous about the large, full sized hockey sticks that are going to be wielded around by 3 and 4 year olds and looks around for the helmets and face masks. There are none. Mommy takes a deep breath and figures if the coaches aren't worried then she shouldn't be either.

Bean: (Practically jumping out of his skin as he runs back to mommy, with the hockey stick in hand and waving it through the air) "Mommy, Mommy, it's hockey day!! I'm going to go play!"

Mommy watches as Bean begins hitting the puck with the stick and to her surprise, he manages to hit the puck more times than he misses. She notices that the other kids are standing at a distance from her son and she realizes it is because when he goes to hit the puck, instead of keeping the stick close to the ground, he swings the hockey stick as if it is a 3 wood and he is trying to drive the puck down the fairway; a scary sight when it is a not quite coordinated three year old doing the swinging.  He is using enough force to demolish a small building, which Mommy suspects is exactly what is going through his mind. As she watches one too many near misses with other children's chins, eyes and foreheads, she is very glad that Daddy is a lawyer and they will have free legal representation when the inevitable lawsuits start rolling in.

Class begins and Bean goes over with the other kids. As the coach is talking, Bean begins to get that "I'm three and I can't pay attention to more than two sentences before my mind starts to wander" look in his eyes and before Mommy knows it, Bean grabs a puck and begins rolling around on the floor. Mommy closes her eyes and just shakes her head. Bean manages to roll all the way across the gym floor to Mommy.

Bean: (Loud enough for the bleacher section to hear) "Mommy, I'm a steam roller."

Mommy: (She is only slightly embarrassed. Mostly she is trying to figure out how a steam roller has anything to do with hockey) "That's great. Why don't you go over and listen. I think they are going to start playing."

Bean steam rolls his way back over to the coaches and other children. They begin a passing exercise and Bean is matched up with one of the coaches, much to Mommy's relief.

They begin playing and there is Bean. Listening and playing along with the coach, just as good as he can be. As he swings his mighty hockey stick in the air, the coach quickly reminds him that, for safety, he is to keep the stick on the floor. To Mommy's utter delight, he listens and then he let's the coach adjust his grip. He passes the puck to her, just as she instructed, and then she passes it back. This goes on for 10 minutes! As Mommy is watching this, she finds herself getting all choked up. She is so proud of her little man. Four weeks ago he would only sit on the bench and watch, and now he is out there participating and listening. Mommy knows this is a small accomplishment. He hasn't cured cancer or established world peace, but this is a monumental day. Bean is showing independence from Mommy, and it feels so good. Mommy feels the tears well up in her eyes and she begins to wonder. If she is this emotional at Itty Bitty Floor Hockey, what is she going to be like when he gets on the school bus for the first time? Or imagine the complete emotional breakdown at his high school graduation! "Get it together Mommy. You're ridiculous," she says to herself as she quickly wipes away the beginnings of tears.

Bean makes it for the entire hour, all the while playing and listening with the other children. Aside from a brief moment where he is a green racecar and runs around the gym making race car noises, he completes the class with the rest of the children, participating in all the activities. It was a most successful Itty Bitty Sports Sampler morning. Mommy is proud and her mascara is still in tact.

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  1. Oh, how fun! It sounds like he did a great job, yay! My son starts t-ball next week and I am thoroughly convinced that he's going to be the kid in the outfield picking dandelions and remembering he has to go potty...