Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sharing Mommy

Bath time is over. Mommy is feeding Goobs his bottle in the nursery and getting him ready. Daddy and Bean are in Bean's room, getting him ready for bed.

Bean: "I want Mommy to do 'jamies and stories."

Daddy: "Mommy is taking care of Goobs right now. She will come in and do your stories after I get your pajamas on."

Bean: "I don't want Mommy to take care of Goobs. I want her to come in here NOW!"

Daddy: "Well, Mommy is Goobs's Mommy too. He wants Mommy to put him to bed. You have to share Mommy with him."

Bean: (obviously not on board with the whole sharing Mommy thing and seems a little surprised that Daddy would even suggest such a horrific idea and says with much conviction) "I don't want to share Mommy. She is my Mommy."

Daddy: "Well, she is Goobs's Mommy too. He needs to have a Mommy."

Bean: (trying to come up with a solution to the Mommy shortage. He cares about his little brother, but not enough to share his own Mommy with him) "Well, you can be his Mommy."

Daddy: "No, I'm his Daddy."

Bean: "Then Mommom can be his Mommy."

Daddy: "No, Mommom is his grandmother. Besides, she is already Mommy's mommy."

Bean: "That's ok Daddy. She can just be extra busy. She is just a little bit old and Poppop can help her."

Daddy: "We'll run it by them in the morning. But I'm pretty sure Mommy won't want to give up Goobs."

Bean: "They can just take care of him until I'm done with Mommy. Then Goobs can have her back."

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  1. I'd say he's well on his way to becoming a fine attorney, already arranging bedtime custody visits in his own home.