Sunday, May 23, 2010

Vote for Bean and Goobs!

It is a half hour before bedtime, the time of day when things can go very bad, very quickly. Bean is sitting on the potty while Daddy is telling him a story. Mommy and Goobs are in the living room. Goobs is enraptured by a toy garbage truck that makes noise and he has finally figured out which button he needs to push to continue the noise. Mommy uses this moment of everyone being occupied to do a quick email check.

Mommy: (scanning her email and the letting out a little holler) "Oh my gosh! I'm a finalist!"

Daddy: (Stopping his story mid-sentence and says from the powder room) "What?"

Mommy: "The blog. It's one of three finalists in a blogging competition!"

At this point Mommy is a little distracted as she continues to read the particulars about her nomination. Daddy notices Goobs take off at a quick crawl toward the stairs. Bean has finished his business on the potty and is ready for Daddy to help clean him up.

Daddy: (Trying to sound excited for his wife, but he is a little nervous that she is now completely distracted and all of a sudden he has to watch both kids; one is crawling toward the stairs and the other is running around the newly carpeted family room with a poopy butt) "Wow, that 's great. Good for you. Um, where's Goobs?"

Mommy: (Still distracted) "I know, I know, I'll go get him. Hold on I just have to read this email."

Daddy: (Frantically trying to keep things under control and let Mommy have her moment, even if it is very short.) "Hold still Bean, I need to wipe you up. Wait! No! Don't sit down on the carpet. Just hold still." (Then to Mommy again, this time with a little more desperation in his voice) "Where's Goobs?"

Mommy: "Wow, I can't believe it. That is kinda cool huh?"

Daddy: (Stops what he is doing and runs to get Goobs, who is just about to clear the third step. Comes back over and stands next to Mommy) "Honey, it's really great that your blog got nominated. I'm really proud of you. It's a good blog. But, we aren't talking a Pulitzer here and Goobs was almost upstairs. If you leave us alone like this without warning me, there may not be anyone left for you to blog about. Things are kinda getting away from me here."

Mommy: (comes out of her trance) "Oh don't be so dramatic. I saw Goobs the whole time. Third step right? He had one more to go before it got really dangerous. (Goes out to the family room, grabs a wipe) "Bean, get over here and let me wipe your bottom. Gross."

Bean walks over and let's Mommy wipe him up, lickity split. She pats his little bottom and sends everyone upstairs for bath.

Bean and Goobs are now in the bath and Mommy is washing Goobs while she has a conversation with Bean.

Bean: (Having overheard the previous conversation between Mommy and Daddy) "Mommy, what's a finalist?"

Mommy: "Well, you know how Mommy writes about all our adventures? Someone liked it and nominated me for a little award."

Bean: "What do we get that is special for it?"

Mommy: "Just the recognition that I am doing something mildly interesting, other than taking care of you and Goobs of course."

Bean: "But what will we get that is special?"

Mommy: "Well, if I win, they would tell people about my blog and then more people would read it. Then, maybe, someone would actually pay me to write someday. And, if someone actually gives me money to write, then the first special thing I will buy myself is an iPhone.

Bean: (Thinks for a minute, then whispers) "And maybe a little toy."

Mommy: "I guess if I win then I could buy you a little present, since you are my muse."

Bean: "Yes Mommy, I am amusing."

Mommy's Note to Readers: The Adventures of Bean and Goobs has been chosen by the editors of Scholastic Parent & Child magazine as a finalist in the Parent Blogger Awards. It would be super great if you would vote for the blog by following the link below. Come on, do it for Bean, so he can get a little toy.

The voting period ends on June 4.


  1. Congratulations! I think I was nearly as surprised as you were to receive a nomination! I have enjoyed reading your blog this morning and am now following. Happy Monday!

  2. i just voted. i hope you win. i want you to have an iphone!

  3. Congrats-- Glad to be a finalist with you. Stop on by sometime!