Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Very Exciting Life

Mommy and Daddy are in the living room eating dinner and watching a show. Bean and Goobs are upstairs sleeping, for now. Mommy pauses the show they are watching.

Mommy: "So you know Soup Mama? The other blogger from the Scholastic contest?"

Daddy: "Yeah."

Mommy: "She nominated me for this peer blogger award. Nice really. She listed my blog on her site. Now I have to thank her on mine, list 7 things about myself, then list 5 blogs I've recently started reading."

Daddy: (Trying to pretend like he is as interested in what Mommy is saying as he is in what is on the television and the tacos in front of him) "Oh, that was nice of her. You have yourself a regular little community there, don't you."

Mommy: "Yeah, but see I need to figure out a way to post the whole thing as a blog post. We need to be having a witty conversation about it so that I can post it. Could you say something funny?"

Daddy: (Pauses and looks a little nervous) "Wait a minute, that is your job. You're supposed to make things funny. I can't just be funny on command."

Mommy: "Sure you can. Try. Go ahead. Say something funny."

Daddy: "This blogging thing is a lot of pressure."

Mommy: "You're fine. Come on, you aren't being funny yet. Say something funny."

Daddy goes back to eating tacos and watching the television and pretends that he can't see Mommy shaking her head.

Mommy: "OK, well, I am supposed to list 7 things about myself. Let's see what we can come up with. Remember, be funny."

Daddy: "What is all of this 'we' business. This is your blog. "

Mommy: "Just tell me something about myself. "

Daddy: (Not at all amused by this conversation he says flatly) "You like tacos."

Mommy: "I can't put that on my blog. And besides, you're the one who likes tacos so much."

Daddy: "OK, fine, that green pair of shoes of yours over there, they smell. Really bad."

Mommy: "Great, lovely. Thanks. That's a good one. I'll post that. 'I have green shoes that smell'. What else."

Daddy: "You have a knack of pestering people when they are really comfortable. It is like you know just when to push people's buttons."

Mommy: (Pretending like he is speaking in general terms and not implying anything about the current situation) "Great. That's three. Two more."

Daddy: "I thought you needed seven."

Mommy: " Yeah, but I think five things is all the poor world needs to know about me. "

Daddy: (Knows not to agree too heartily) "How about you are a really good baker."

Mommy: (Feeling the love a little.) "Aw, thanks honey. I will post that one. One more. Make it a good one. My blog is supposed to make people chuckle, remember."

Daddy:  OK. Here's one. I've noticed how many of those freezie pops you have eaten that you bought for Bean. I'm a little worried you might be addicted."

Mommy: "I know, they are really good. I haven't had one of those since I was 10 and I forgot how good they are. They are only 25 calories each. They aren't that bad."

Mommy and Daddy look at their sad tacos sitting in front of them. They both sigh and realize, without having to say it to each other, that if this is the best that both of them could come up with for Mommy, then things are in a sad, sad state. Mommy looks at Daddy.

Mommy: "Thanks for trying. Sorry I'm not more exciting."

Daddy: "Sorry I'm not funnier."

Mommy: "That's OK. I knew you weren't that funny when I married you."

Daddy: "Yeah,  and I knew you weren't that exciting."

Mommy's 5 blogs picks:

1. Disney Princess Recovery - A mother struggling to take her daughter back from the grips of the imagination killing Disney Princesses.
2. Luc Ends - A very dear friend and her struggles with new motherhood and the heartbreaking loss of her first born.
3. Thx, thx, thx. A thank you note a day.  - This girl is really funny and I love her unique idea for a blog. Genius!
4. Heidi in Real Life - Met this lady at my writers conference and am loving her blog.
5. Film in the Fridge - A quilting blog and oh my heavens this woman inspires me.

Monday, June 28, 2010


It's Sunday morning. Mommy has just gotten out of the shower and is preparing to blow dry her hair and put some makeup on for church, which is pretty much the only time that Mommy puts makeup on anymore. She realizes this is sad, but she has accepted it and has become comfortable with her freckly, wrinkly, blotchy face on display for the whole world to see. On Sunday mornings, while Mommy gets ready, Bean will sit on the toilet so that he can get pretty as well while Mommy combs his hair, puts a little mousse in his hair and then lets him play with her brushes while she puts her makeup on.

Bean: (Hearing the hair dryer start, he runs upstairs) "Mommy, I want to get pretty too."

Mommy: "OK, sit there on the potty. Here is your comb."

Mommy dries her hair. When she is finished, she opens her makeup drawer to put on some makeup. Bean hops down from the toilet and goes over to Mommy's makeup drawer.

Bean: (Reaching for a makeup brush and the eyelash curler) "Mommy, I'm getting pretty. Mommy, do you think construction workers get pretty?"

Mommy: (Concentrating on her face in the mirror and not really paying attention to what Bean is doing) "Hmm? Probably not honey. Unless they are girl construction workers."

Bean: "How come Mommy."

Mommy: (Still not really paying attention and not watching Bean) "I don't know honey. They work outside most of the day and get all sweaty. They probably don't bother getting pretty."

Mommy continues to touch herself up and then she realizes it is quiet. The dangerous sound of silence startles Mommy. She looks down.

Bean: "Look Mommy, now I'm pretty"

Mommy: (She looks at the sparkly lip gloss all over Bean's face and is amazed that he could be standing right under her nose and she didn't even notice what he was doing. She quickly questions her mothering abilities for the fifth time already this morning and decides that it is only lip gloss and she shouldn't read too much into it.) "Hmmm. Well, yes, you are very pretty with that on."

Mommy doesn't want to act weird and freaked out by her little boy putting on makeup. He is only three. She knows that it doesn't mean anything and that he is just doing it because he sees Mommy doing it. Still, she's pretty sure she shouldn't encourage putting on makeup at three years old, boy or girl.

Mommy: "Boys don't usually wear makeup pumpkin."

Bean: "How come boys can't be pretty. How come boys don't wear makeup?"

Mommy: (Trying to find a way to explain social norms/expectations to her three year old. She is at a loss for words.) "I don't know honey. They just don't. Boys don't wear makeup."

Bean: "But Mommy, I want to be pretty like you."

Mommy: "Don't you want to be handsome like Daddy?"

Bean: "I'm already handsome. Mommom tells me all the time. Now I want to be pretty like you."

Mommy:  "Well, that's very nice. But Mommy doesn't wear makeup very often.  You can just be pretty like me when I don't have makeup on."

Bean: "No, you look prettier with it on."

He's right. Mommy does look much better with makeup on.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Lake District

Mommom and Poppop are away for 3 weeks touring Scotland, London and The Lake District in North West England with Mommy's two sisters. Mommy is not with them. She is at home with Bean and Goobs and Daddy and Ernie and Buster. Everyone has been telling her how lucky she is to have all of her boys. She knows it all, but the Lake District is one of her "places to visit before I die" so she has been pouting for the better part of the week. Today Mommy decided to stop her pouting and move into Mommom and Poppop's house while they are away because this is Mommom and Poppop's backyard...

So today Mommy, Bean and Goobs made cookies...

Did a little bulldozing...

Scared some chipmunks out of their hole...

Caught up on some reading...

and washed the cars.

It's not the Lake District, but if it's good enough for Bean and Goobs then Mommy figures it's good enough for her.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Wedding Turtle

Bean is preparing for his first stint as a ring bearer. Mommy suspects that she is more nervous than he is. The bride is especially gracious and has reassured Mommy that if Bean doesn't make it down the isle no one will be upset. Even so, Mommy would much prefer that Bean be remembered for how well he went down the isle instead of the fit he threw when "go time" came.

During the rehearsal the night before, Bean walked down the isle but walked a little fast. It is the day of the wedding and Mommy and Bean are in the hotel getting ready and Mommy is going over a few of the details.

Mommy: "So Bean, when you walk down the isle, are you going to walk quick like a bunny or slow like a turtle?"

Bean: (He thinks for a moment. His eyes light up with his devilish i'm up to no good face.) "I'm going to walk slow like a turtle."

Bean begins walking on all fours like a turtle. Mommy is worried.

They arrive at the wedding and Mommy is waiting with Bean until it is his turn to walk down the isle. Mommy is giving him a pep talk.

Mommy: "You're going to do great. Now remember, walk nice and slow and hold the pillow up."

Bean: (Gets down on all fours) "I'm going to walk like a turtle Mommy."

Bean is about to walk down the isle of the wedding on all fours like a turtle. Why oh why did Mommy try and be clever? Why couldn't she just have given him clear instructions to walk slowly?  Mommy knows the laid back bride will be alright if he chickens out at the last minute, but she isn't so sure how she would feel about a turtle for a ring bearer.

Mommy: (In complete desperation. She lays her cards all out on the table and hopes that Bean will understand the tone of desperation in her voice) "Please, oh please Bean, just walk down the isle on your two feet, nice and slowly. Please. Do it for me."

Bean: "OK Mommy. I can be a turtle later."

And he does. He made it 3/4 of the way down the isle all by himself. Mommy was so proud of her little turtle.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Trip - Part 2:

Mommy and Daddy have decided to take the boys to the Philadelphia Zoo to try and offer a little entertainment while they wait for various family festivities to begin later in the day. Mommy and Daddy have been to the Philadelphia Zoo a number of times and have a pretty good idea of how to get there. Plus, they passed the exit for the zoo on their ride in and it is burned in their memory. Mommy has also programed the zoo into her new fancy dancy GPS just in case her memory fails. She is Mommy. She is prepared.

Mommy's father, known as Poppop, is joining Mommy, Daddy, Bean and Goobs for the outing to the zoo. Poppop comes from a long line of people who appreciate organization, predictability, and well thought out plans for every adventure life may have to offer. Some have called them obsessive. Some have called them control freaks.  To Mommy, they are family.

They have decided to take the van. Mommy's van. Poppop is an uncomfortable passenger. He feels things are best controlled when he is driving. Mommy doesn't like other people driving her van. Mommy and Poppop stand in the parking lot. They stare at each other. Mommy is trying very hard to show Poppop that she is now a 35 year old woman. She is a mature adult now and not the young girl who would do things specifically because someone told her not to. She offers Poppop the keys to her van.

Mommy: (She hangs her head)  "Here Dad. You can drive."

Poppop: "No, that's OK. I'm OK not driving."

Mommy doesn't believe Poppop for a second. She can see in his eyes that he is trying very hard to not become too rigid in his old age. He figures that letting his daughter drive will really show how flexible and "go with the flow" he is.  Mommy doesn't make the offer again. She hops into the drivers seat. Poppop sits in the passenger seat without saying a word. Mommy is very suspicious. Poppop isn't acting like himself. He always drive. She honestly can't remember the last time she drove him anywhere. Then he speaks.

Poppop: "I'll just give directions."

Mommy knew there was a catch. She adjusts her GPS which is armed and ready. She figures that this will show him what a grown up she is now.

Mommy: "I have a GPS Dad. I know how to go."

Poppop: (He pulls out his 6-inch think atlas of the continental U.S. and sets it on his lap.) "Right. Probably best to avoid the traffic though. It could be busy today."

Mommy: (Rolls her eyes. How funny. Poppop and that atlas. So silly) "Well, I have the GPS so that should cover us."

Poppop: (Reaches into his backpack and pulls his own GPS and sets it on the dash board) "I think I like the way mine takes us better."

Mommy: (Thinking that it isn't so silly anymore and wondering if perhaps this is what the beginning of dementia looks like) "So, what you are saying Dad is that we need two GPS systems, an atlas and three adults that already know how to get there to get to the zoo?"

Poppop: (Completely serious) "Like I said, there can be a lot of traffic."

Mommy: (Feeling a headache coming on, she reaches for some Excedrin and washes them down with what she wishes was a fifth of vodka, but in reality is day old water from a crusty sippy cup) "Let's just get going before I change my mind about this whole thing."

Bean: "Mommy, are you sure you know where you are going."

Mommy: (Giving one last huge eye roll, she sighs) "Yes Bean, I am on my way to the nut house. That is where I'm going."

Bean: "No Mommy, I wanted to go to the Zoo!!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Trip - Part 1

Mommy is traveling with Daddy, Bean and Goobs to New Jersey for her cousin's wedding which Bean was kindly asked to be in.  They are planning to meet Mommom, Poppop, Aunt Rachel and Aunt Bethie in New Jersey where they will all stay in the same hotel. Mommy hasn't traveled with her whole family since having Goobs and she is feeling a little nervous about the demands of two children, a husband, two parents and some sisters.

Mommy and Daddy were unable to sleep on the morning of the big trip. They planned to leave the house around 8 am, but since they were up at 4 due to nerves, they decided to leave early, beat the traffic and get to the hotel before everyone else. This would give them a chance to get settled and oriented before the onslaught of aunts and grandparents. That was the intention.

They manage to leave the house at 6am for what should be a 6 hour drive. Bean and Goobs are troopers. They travel well, take potty breaks when requested, even manage to nap a little. The town they are driving to is just outside of Philadelphia. Mommy has purchased a new GPS system for the trip and is feeling extra confident that she will be able to maneuver the Philly traffic and get the family there earlier than expected and with little headache.

Poppop has given Mommy very specific instructions, in excruciating detail,  as to which route to take to avoid the traffic. Poppop has been traveling this area for 40+ years. Mommy decides that Poppop may give good directions but the GPS gives better ones and she will just follow the little computerized screen.

By the time they get to the Philadelphia area they have been in the car for about 7 hours. Mommy is driving since she knows this route best. They hit a little traffic, but Mommy isn't worried. She can handle a little traffic. Daddy is in the back seat doing a great job of keeping everyone entertained. Mommy is a confident driver and she is good in the city. She figures her New York plates will scare a few people off her bumper and excuse any rude driving that she may do. Mommy is following the GPS and in the blink of an eye misses an exit. Mommy is forced to take the another exit to try and get back to the route she was supposed to be on. There is construction and a detour, only the GPS doesn't know there is a detour so Mommy is lost. In central Philly. With a husband, an infant and a three-year-old.

Mommy: (trying really really hard to not let Bean hear his first swear word come from his Mother's mouth) "Crap! We're lost. This GPS is crap!

Daddy: "Careful Mommy. Little ears back here. Can I help?"

Mommy: (Very irritated and trying really hard to keep it together. She has been up since 4 and she is tired. At the last rest stop Mommy actually forgot to go to the bathroom with all the diapers to change and potty breaks to take so consequently she has to go to the bathroom very, very badly as well. She answers Daddy rather snippily) "Don't talk to me, that would help."

Daddy: (Very glad he is sitting in the back seat) "Sorry. Let me know if I can do anything."

Bean: "Mommy, are we lost."

Mommy: (Sighs and really really doesn't want to say it out loud because then it's true) "Yes, I think we are. But don't worry. We just bought this fancy dancy GPS thing and it will help."

Bean: "If it helps Mommy, how come we are lost?"

Daddy: (Can see Mommy's face starting to turn red in the rear view mirror and chimes in so that Mommy won't regret anything she may say) "Oh it was just a detour. There was construction."

Daddy and Bean continue talking about construction. All the while Goobs is getting cranky and is ready for some food. Mommy is still trying to find a way out of the city and after about 30 minutes and 15 turns she finally sees a sign for the route they are looking for. They are sitting at a stop light with the entrance ramp in sight.

Bean: "Mommy, look at all the skyscrapers. Wow Mommy! This was a good way!"

Mommy: "Well, I'm glad you liked it. We did it just for you Bean."

Mommy: (Looking at Daddy in the rear view mirror) "Kay, don't ever ever tell him I said this, but maybe I should have listened to my Dad on this one."

Daddy: (Laughs and smirks in the back seat.) "Well, he has been driving this route a lot longer than you."

Mommy: (Narrows her eyes - her I'm serous here face. She looks at Daddy) "Seriously, if you ever tell him I just said that to you I will absolutely deny it and I will not be happy with you."

Daddy: "Are you kidding me? Do I look stupid? I wouldn't dare."

They get back on the intended route and hit more traffic. Mommy figures this is better than being completely lost in downtown Philly so she isn't feeling all that upset anymore. Besides, they are only 2 1/2 hours later than when they should have arrived, thanks to the fancy dancy GPS and Mommy's stubborn streak.

Bean: (As they are arriving at the hotel) "Mommy, are you sure we are going the right way now? Maybe next time Daddy should drive. Or maybe Poppop."

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Backyard Bliss

Mommy and Daddy have been dreaming of a beautiful backyard. Cushioned patio furniture, gardens a plenty, chirping birds, buzzing bees, bunnies hopping to and fro; the ideal picture of outdoor serenity. This particular Saturday they have worked very hard and their two vegetable garden boxes are finished. They are feeling as if the backyard is finally starting to come together. Feeling inspired by the transformation Mommy begins informing Daddy of her patio furniture dreams.

Mommy: "So, I've been looking at patio tables and chairs. What do you think?"

Daddy: (Dripping in sweat as he is the one that has done most of the hard labor for the afternoon) "I think that patio furniture can be pretty expensive and I don't want to spend more for our outside table than we did on our couch."

Mommy: "I know. Me either. I have been looking around and doing some comparisons. I think we can get a table for a pretty good price. We just need to find some chairs. You wouldn't want to go today to look, would you?"

Daddy: (Looking a bit confused. He was sure that once he had finished with the gardens he would be done for the day. It is 3:00 pm and he has been at it since 10:00 am. He is hot, sweaty, tired and a bit sore. However,  he is also feeling inspired by the backyard transformation and considers the request.) "You mean look for tables and chairs together? With both the boys?" (He pauses and thinks.) "Well, can I take a shower first?"

Mommy: (Eager to accommodate any request so that she can go to the store) "Of course. I'll get the boys ready, you go take a shower. Just don't take too long. We have to get back in time for dinner."

Daddy: (Gives Mommy a don't get too bossy here or i might just change my mind look) "I'll be quick as I can."

Mommy: (Smiles and tilts her head, coyly) "Love you."

Daddy showers. Mommy gets Bean and Goobs packed up and ready to go. They all pile in the van and hit the store. They look at tables. They look at chairs. Mommy can't decide. Meanwhile, Bean has convinced Daddy to let him out of the cart so that he can try out all of the chairs. Mommy is busy looking at tables and chairs with Goobs while Daddy, still tired and sore, chases Bean around the store, trying his best not to lose him. Mommy looks at the selection again and sighs.

Daddy: "What's wrong?"

Mommy:  "They don't have exactly what I am looking for. I like this one, but it is more than I want to spend."

Daddy: (Mommy promised that one stop would do the trick. He is beginning to think he has been bamboozled.) "Well, what do you want to do?"

Mommy:  "Do you mind if we go to another store. I am sure they will have what I want. I like the chairs here, but I think I want a different table. Would you mind terribly?"

Daddy: (Still chasing after Bean who is now standing on a chair to put out a pretend fire that he says is an emergency) "Sure, that's fine. Do you want to get the chairs you like while we are here? They are a pretty good price. You could get 4 of them for $120. They are $40 each."

Mommy: (Distracted by Goobs who is becoming vocal about being confined to a shopping cart) "Well, what if I find something I like better? Maybe we should wait."

Daddy doesn't like how this is going. They all pile back in the hot van, buckle in, and drive to the next store. Mommy walks in ahead of everyone. Daddy is pushing a cart with Bean and Goobs. Goobs is getting hungry. Bean is getting fidgety. Mommy is pretending she doesn't hear any of it.

Daddy: (Looking around at the tables and chairs and with a little desperation in his voice) "Do you see anything you like? What about that one? That one looks good."

Mommy: (With a little bit of drama in her voice and trying to sound as pathetic as possible) "Not really. I guess I'll just have to wait or look some other time."

Daddy: (Taking the hint) "OK, one more store."

Bean: (Let's out a huge sigh as if he can't believe his father just gave in) "I don't want to go to another store Daddy."

Daddy: "Last one, we promise. We won't take long."

They all pile in the car, again and drive off to the next store. Mommy browses and Goobs gets really cranky, forcing Mommy to get her emergency stash of Cheerios out of her purse. Finally, Mommy finds the table she has been looking for and has the clerk gets one out of inventory for her.  Mommy pays for it while Daddy loads the boys up in the car and brings the van around. The plan is to load the table in then stop back at the first store to get the chairs that Mommy finally decided are the ones she wants. That is the plan. You know what they say about "the best laid plans".

Daddy pulls the van up to the curb. The store clerk and Daddy begin attempting to load the table. It doesn't fit. The seats that the boys are sitting in need to come out for it to fit.  Daddy glares at Mommy. He has started sweating again. Mommy gives a shy smile.

Mommy: So, I guess you will have to come back?"

Daddy: (Not finding the humor in the situation at all. Goobs is now screaming in the back seat and Bean is singing Lots and Lots of trucks at the top of his lungs.) "Sure, I'll come back and get it."

Daddy tells the clerk that he will be back in 30 minutes to try again, this time with the bucket seats taken out of the the van. The clerks shrugs his shoulders like Daddy is some sore of crazy man and takes the table back into the store.

Daddy drives everyone home and drops them off. He is still sweating. Mommy is feeling a little bad, but not bad enough to have him wait until the next day. She really, really wants to see her new backyard all put together. Daddy picks up the table first.  It fits. Then, Daddy goes to the first store they visited to pick up the chairs. He gets 4 of them and takes them to the cashier. She totals them up and gives him the total of $160.

Daddy: (He is surprised by the total that differs from what he calculated while he was chasing Bean and listening to Mommy chatter on about table length and what not.) "$160?  How is it $160?"

Cashier: (Glaring at Daddy as if he is the worlds biggest idiot she smacks her gums together and says in a very irritated tone) "Um, they are like $40 each. $40 times 4 is $160."

Daddy: (Feeling a little stupid that his simple math skills failed him but mostly irritated that he just got schooled by a 17-year-old.) "Oh, right. Sorry."

Daddy gets his wallet out to give little miss snippy his credit card. He digs thought his wallet, still sweating, and hands the girls his Wegmans Shoppers Club card, not the credit card.

Cashier: (Again looking at Daddy as if he is the worlds biggest idiot and this time letting out an audible annoyed sigh) "This is your Wegmans card. You can't pay with your Wegmans card." (She hands him back his card with a little flip of the wrist.)

Daddy:  "Listen." (He puts his Wegmans card back) "It's been a long day OK."

Daddy hands his real credit card back to the girl and finishes paying. He arrives home, visibly frazzled. Mommy and Bean and Goobs are all in the backyard playing when he gets there. Mommy goes over and gives Daddy a big hug. He is very sweaty.

Mommy: "Thanks. Love you. (She pauses, smiles at him, and shows him the cute baby she is holding) " you think we can put it together now?"

And Daddy does. Yeah Daddy!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Take Two of These and Call Me in the Morning

Daddy, Bean and Goobs are playing in the family room. Goobs has just made a complete mess of his diaper. Mommy is in the kitchen working on dinner.

Daddy: "Um, Goobs just filled his diaper."

Mommy: "Mm hmm. That's nice. Clean diapers are in the drawer. Make sure you don't leave the dirty one on the floor this time or Ernie will get it again."

Daddy: (He was hoping that Mommy would come in and take care of the dirty diaper, as he is still traumatized by the last diaper changing experience involving a poopie diaper and a dog. He sighs.) "Ok, I'll change it."

Mommy: "Have fun."

Daddy begins changing the diaper. Goobs has gotten very squirmy during diaper changes and Daddy isn't as quick and efficient as Mommy is. Mommy is convinced that Daddy only needs more diaper practice and is working hard to make sure he gets it. Goobs is starting to crawl away from Daddy just as Bean decides to play jungle Daddy.

Daddy: "Wait Bean, I can't play that now. I am trying to change Goobs's poopie diaper. Please. Wait, he's getting away from me."

Daddy wrangles Goobs back and continues working on the diaper.

Daddy: (Under his breath) "Diapers give me a headache."

Bean: (Grabbing two Teddy Grahams from his snack bowl, he hands them to Daddy) "Here Daddy. Take these two Excedrin. They will help your headache."

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

10 Years and Counting

June 3, 2000 - A 25 year old woman is marring a 26 year old man. This is what she knows:

1.  He will stop leaving his socks on the floor once we are married, as long as I ask him nicely.

2.  We will never go to bed angry with each other.

3.  I'm so glad I'm not marrying a guy who goes to a stuffy office and wears a suit everyday.

4.  It's going to be so wonderful to wake up and see the face of the person I love most every single day.

5.  This guy is going to make a great father and marrying my best friend will be the best decision I have ever make.

June 3, 2010 - A 35 year old woman is married to a 36 year old man. This is what she knows:

1. His socks are still on the floor. But, they are better than the multitude of toys. At least they don't hurt when you step on them.

2. We never go to bed angry because who has the energy to argue? If it's important enough, it can wait until morning.

3. Having a husband that has to wear a suit everyday does cut down on the laundry, even if he is a lawyer.

4.  I'm beginning to think that Luci and Desi were on to something with the whole separate beds thing. Man he can snore!

5. This guy is a great father and marrying my best friend was the best decision I ever made.

Here's to another 10 years Bubby. Happy Anniversary.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rendered Speachless

Daddy has just gotten home from work. Mommy, Bean and Goobs are in the family room. Bean is pretending Mommy is a slide. Mommy has been whacked in the head multiple times during this game, but since it is the end of the day and she often does whatever it takes to keep things from going bad, she ignores the physical pain and allows the game. Poor Goobs is also trying to climb on Mommy and is just barely able to squeeze onto her lap. Bean calls this the "Jungle Mommy" game.

Daddy: "So how was the day today everybody?"

Mommy: "Um, I think today would probably be the second worst day I have had as a mother."

Daddy begins thinking that he might be sorry he just asked that question. On some days, when Daddy comes home from work and they tell him about the day, he feels a little sad that he missed it all. Today is not one of those days. However, he asked, so Mommy goes on to give Daddy the details of the day from hell which involved many tears, 15 taken away trucks, a few brotherly cracks over the head (none given by Mommy, for the record), and so much fussing from Bean that Mommy thought for sure her head was going to explode around 11:00. Bean is listening intently as Mommy recounts the events of the day. 

Bean: (Acting as if there was absolutely nothing wrong with the day and it is all in Mommy's head)  "Mommy, why are you fussing about your day. You shouldn't fuss so much Mommy."

How do you even respond to that?

Oh, and if you haven't voted yet, please vote for Mommy. Come on. Do it for Goobs.