Wednesday, June 2, 2010

10 Years and Counting

June 3, 2000 - A 25 year old woman is marring a 26 year old man. This is what she knows:

1.  He will stop leaving his socks on the floor once we are married, as long as I ask him nicely.

2.  We will never go to bed angry with each other.

3.  I'm so glad I'm not marrying a guy who goes to a stuffy office and wears a suit everyday.

4.  It's going to be so wonderful to wake up and see the face of the person I love most every single day.

5.  This guy is going to make a great father and marrying my best friend will be the best decision I have ever make.

June 3, 2010 - A 35 year old woman is married to a 36 year old man. This is what she knows:

1. His socks are still on the floor. But, they are better than the multitude of toys. At least they don't hurt when you step on them.

2. We never go to bed angry because who has the energy to argue? If it's important enough, it can wait until morning.

3. Having a husband that has to wear a suit everyday does cut down on the laundry, even if he is a lawyer.

4.  I'm beginning to think that Luci and Desi were on to something with the whole separate beds thing. Man he can snore!

5. This guy is a great father and marrying my best friend was the best decision I ever made.

Here's to another 10 years Bubby. Happy Anniversary.


  1. Happy anniversary! Like you, I'll gladly trade socks on the floor for a great husband and father. And I did...

  2. happy anniversary!!!! love u both bunches!

  3. Happy DECADE!
    When two good people get married, it's good for the environment. Thanks for doing your part.

  4. Congratulations! Mike and I celebrate 15 years of bliss today! Rachel turned me onto your it!
    Jackie K.

  5. Yay! Happy anniversary!!!!