Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rendered Speachless

Daddy has just gotten home from work. Mommy, Bean and Goobs are in the family room. Bean is pretending Mommy is a slide. Mommy has been whacked in the head multiple times during this game, but since it is the end of the day and she often does whatever it takes to keep things from going bad, she ignores the physical pain and allows the game. Poor Goobs is also trying to climb on Mommy and is just barely able to squeeze onto her lap. Bean calls this the "Jungle Mommy" game.

Daddy: "So how was the day today everybody?"

Mommy: "Um, I think today would probably be the second worst day I have had as a mother."

Daddy begins thinking that he might be sorry he just asked that question. On some days, when Daddy comes home from work and they tell him about the day, he feels a little sad that he missed it all. Today is not one of those days. However, he asked, so Mommy goes on to give Daddy the details of the day from hell which involved many tears, 15 taken away trucks, a few brotherly cracks over the head (none given by Mommy, for the record), and so much fussing from Bean that Mommy thought for sure her head was going to explode around 11:00. Bean is listening intently as Mommy recounts the events of the day. 

Bean: (Acting as if there was absolutely nothing wrong with the day and it is all in Mommy's head)  "Mommy, why are you fussing about your day. You shouldn't fuss so much Mommy."

How do you even respond to that?

Oh, and if you haven't voted yet, please vote for Mommy. Come on. Do it for Goobs.

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