Sunday, June 6, 2010

Take Two of These and Call Me in the Morning

Daddy, Bean and Goobs are playing in the family room. Goobs has just made a complete mess of his diaper. Mommy is in the kitchen working on dinner.

Daddy: "Um, Goobs just filled his diaper."

Mommy: "Mm hmm. That's nice. Clean diapers are in the drawer. Make sure you don't leave the dirty one on the floor this time or Ernie will get it again."

Daddy: (He was hoping that Mommy would come in and take care of the dirty diaper, as he is still traumatized by the last diaper changing experience involving a poopie diaper and a dog. He sighs.) "Ok, I'll change it."

Mommy: "Have fun."

Daddy begins changing the diaper. Goobs has gotten very squirmy during diaper changes and Daddy isn't as quick and efficient as Mommy is. Mommy is convinced that Daddy only needs more diaper practice and is working hard to make sure he gets it. Goobs is starting to crawl away from Daddy just as Bean decides to play jungle Daddy.

Daddy: "Wait Bean, I can't play that now. I am trying to change Goobs's poopie diaper. Please. Wait, he's getting away from me."

Daddy wrangles Goobs back and continues working on the diaper.

Daddy: (Under his breath) "Diapers give me a headache."

Bean: (Grabbing two Teddy Grahams from his snack bowl, he hands them to Daddy) "Here Daddy. Take these two Excedrin. They will help your headache."

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