Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Very Exciting Life

Mommy and Daddy are in the living room eating dinner and watching a show. Bean and Goobs are upstairs sleeping, for now. Mommy pauses the show they are watching.

Mommy: "So you know Soup Mama? The other blogger from the Scholastic contest?"

Daddy: "Yeah."

Mommy: "She nominated me for this peer blogger award. Nice really. She listed my blog on her site. Now I have to thank her on mine, list 7 things about myself, then list 5 blogs I've recently started reading."

Daddy: (Trying to pretend like he is as interested in what Mommy is saying as he is in what is on the television and the tacos in front of him) "Oh, that was nice of her. You have yourself a regular little community there, don't you."

Mommy: "Yeah, but see I need to figure out a way to post the whole thing as a blog post. We need to be having a witty conversation about it so that I can post it. Could you say something funny?"

Daddy: (Pauses and looks a little nervous) "Wait a minute, that is your job. You're supposed to make things funny. I can't just be funny on command."

Mommy: "Sure you can. Try. Go ahead. Say something funny."

Daddy: "This blogging thing is a lot of pressure."

Mommy: "You're fine. Come on, you aren't being funny yet. Say something funny."

Daddy goes back to eating tacos and watching the television and pretends that he can't see Mommy shaking her head.

Mommy: "OK, well, I am supposed to list 7 things about myself. Let's see what we can come up with. Remember, be funny."

Daddy: "What is all of this 'we' business. This is your blog. "

Mommy: "Just tell me something about myself. "

Daddy: (Not at all amused by this conversation he says flatly) "You like tacos."

Mommy: "I can't put that on my blog. And besides, you're the one who likes tacos so much."

Daddy: "OK, fine, that green pair of shoes of yours over there, they smell. Really bad."

Mommy: "Great, lovely. Thanks. That's a good one. I'll post that. 'I have green shoes that smell'. What else."

Daddy: "You have a knack of pestering people when they are really comfortable. It is like you know just when to push people's buttons."

Mommy: (Pretending like he is speaking in general terms and not implying anything about the current situation) "Great. That's three. Two more."

Daddy: "I thought you needed seven."

Mommy: " Yeah, but I think five things is all the poor world needs to know about me. "

Daddy: (Knows not to agree too heartily) "How about you are a really good baker."

Mommy: (Feeling the love a little.) "Aw, thanks honey. I will post that one. One more. Make it a good one. My blog is supposed to make people chuckle, remember."

Daddy:  OK. Here's one. I've noticed how many of those freezie pops you have eaten that you bought for Bean. I'm a little worried you might be addicted."

Mommy: "I know, they are really good. I haven't had one of those since I was 10 and I forgot how good they are. They are only 25 calories each. They aren't that bad."

Mommy and Daddy look at their sad tacos sitting in front of them. They both sigh and realize, without having to say it to each other, that if this is the best that both of them could come up with for Mommy, then things are in a sad, sad state. Mommy looks at Daddy.

Mommy: "Thanks for trying. Sorry I'm not more exciting."

Daddy: "Sorry I'm not funnier."

Mommy: "That's OK. I knew you weren't that funny when I married you."

Daddy: "Yeah,  and I knew you weren't that exciting."

Mommy's 5 blogs picks:

1. Disney Princess Recovery - A mother struggling to take her daughter back from the grips of the imagination killing Disney Princesses.
2. Luc Ends - A very dear friend and her struggles with new motherhood and the heartbreaking loss of her first born.
3. Thx, thx, thx. A thank you note a day.  - This girl is really funny and I love her unique idea for a blog. Genius!
4. Heidi in Real Life - Met this lady at my writers conference and am loving her blog.
5. Film in the Fridge - A quilting blog and oh my heavens this woman inspires me.

1 comment:

  1. 1. Your green shoes are really stylish. Even if smelly. Not that I've noticed.
    2. You make a mean Magic in the Middle.
    3. You're a very patient mother (at least when other people are watching).
    4. You're a creative lady: you make stuff. Out of stuff.
    5. You're genuine. Which trumps interesting any day. (But you're interesting too).