Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Drive

Mommy, Bean and Goobs are driving in the car. Bean is talking, as usual.

Bean: "Hey Mommy, Hey Mommy, Hey Mommy. Mommy? Mommy? What is that fence doing up over there?"

Mommy: "Hmm? I don't know honey."

Bean: "Hey Mommy, Mommy, Mommy. Hey Mommy, do you think they are doing construction?"

Mommy: "Hmm? Oh, probably Bean."

Bean: "Hey Mommy, Mommy, hey Mommy, when's Daddy getting home? Will you say 'pretty soon'."

Mommy: "Pretty soon."

Bean: "What's for dinner Mommy? Will you say 'Creamed Chicken'."

Mommy: No, I won't say creamed chicken because we are having hamburgers."

Bean: "Ok Mommy. I like hamburgers. Mommy, hey Mommy....."

It's at this point that Mommy tunes Bean out, just a little. She always scowled at the women in the grocery store who seemed to ignore their children when they were peppering them with questions that Mommy once thought were so cute and wonderful. She never understood how women could just completely ignore the sweet sounds coming from such cute, innocent, inquisitive faces. Now she understands.

Bean: "....Mommy, hey Mommy, what did you say? Did you say yes?"

Mommy: "I didn't say anything honey. I'm trying to concentrate on my driving. How about we play a quiet game and see how long you can be quiet."

Bean: (Silent for a brief, beautiful moment as he ponders this request. It does not escape him that this so called 'game' is Mommy's way of trying to get him to stop talking ) "No Mommy, I really like my voice. I don't want to turn it off right now."

Mommy: (Sighs. Hoping to gain a little perspective, she now tries to picture him as a 16 year old locked in his room refusing to say even two words to her. It is very hard to imagine this.) "OK, chat away Bean. I like your voice too."

Bean: "So, Mommy....

Photo: Bean saying "Hey Mommy", his new favorite phrase.


  1. Hi there

    I found you over at Interrupted Wanderlust and clicked over. I'm 34 and I also have two boys! Mine are 5 (in two weeks) and 2! Having two boys is quite a challenge :)

    Adding your blog to my feedreader.

    Please tell me how you got your husband to do laundry? Is there some secret or trick? I've tried NOT doing laundry but it hasn't worked yet. Although, I will say at this stage that laundry became a lot more interesting when I got a new washing machine that could do 13kg of clothing at one time, so at this stage I'd be happy if hubby just actually picked his clothes up and put them into the laundry basket :)

  2. Hello Ness!
    Glad for a new reader. I have to admit that I didn't really train the husband. He sort of came that way. He likes lots of clean clothes, while I tend to wait to do laundry until I am out of clean underwear. He always did his own laundry when we were in college and dating. So when we were first married he had been doing his own laundry for so long that he just kept on doing it. Slowly, I started slipping a few of my things in and after 10 years, he does it all! Kids clothes and everything. His folding and putting away isn't all that great but there is no way I am going to complain and rock he boat. He doesn't iron yet. Just give me ten more years.