Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pimms by the Pool

Mommom and Poppop are back from their European vacation. Since it is 92 degrees outside, Mommy has decided to take Bean and Goobs over to Mommom and Poppop's so they could visit with their grandparents, whom they missed very much, and swim in the pool. It's a pretty good deal for Mommy. She goes over and when she really needs it, she has two extra sets of hands. Sometimes Mommy even gets to go to the bathroom by herself and eat her entire lunch in one sitting.

Apparently, while on their tour of the United Kingdom, Mommom became fond of a new drink called a Pimm's. Basically, it's a gin based liquor with fruit juice and spices. You mix it with ginger ale, add a few strawberries, some cucumber slices and mint, then sit by the pool and enjoy. Upon her return to the U.S., Mommom purchased the ingredients for the Pimm's.

The day in the sun has wound down and everyone is getting a bit peckish. Bean is starting to grumble and become the little dictator that he does when he gets hungry. Goobs is starting to shout at Mommy in unintelligible baby babble that Mommy fully understands to mean "I'm hungry woman, get me some food." Since it's 4:30, Mommy is starting dinner so she can feed the boys before they leave for the day and go home.

Poppop has just come into the kitchen to make some Pimm's for Mommom and her friend Mrs. H, who has come to visit and chat with Mommom by the pool. Mommy watches as Poppop makes the drinks. They look wonderful.  Perfectly red strawberries floating in the bubbly goodness. A little sprig of mint floating on top. The smell of fruity gin wafting through the kitchen. Poppop leaves to take the ladies their drinks. Mommy can see Mommom and Mrs. H from the kitchen window. One is in the pool and one is sitting on the steps of the pool. Both are drinking a Pimm's. Mommy lets out a deep sigh and turns back to the chicken pieces cooking on the stove top moves them around a little and stirs the carrots. She hears Bean scream from the other room where he is playing.

Bean: Mommy! Is my dinner ready yet? I want my dinner now!

Mommy: "It's coming. How about you speak to me in a nice voice. You are more likely to get fed it you speak to me nicely."

Bean: (Still yelling from the other room) "Pleeeeeeeeese Mommy. Please!"

Goobs is sitting in his highchair also waiting for dinner. He has grown impatient as well and begins to scream at Mommy. Mommy give him some cheese to tide him over.

Mommy looks back outside. Now the ladies are both sitting on chairs having a conversation - without anyone screaming at them. Mommy looks at the bottle of Pimms on the counter. She takes off the cap. She takes a whiff. It does smell good. She picks up a can of ginger ale and pours some into a glass. For a brief moment everything is quiet and she forgets that she is on duty. She picks up the bottle of Pimms to pour a splash into her glass, then she hears Bean scream from the other room.

Bean: Mommy! I'm really really hungry."

Mommy snaps out of her trance and remember that cocktail hour doesn't exist in Mommy world. People who have to drive children home in minivans don't get to drink Pimm's by the pool in the afternoon.

Mommy sighs and puts the cap back on the Pimm's. Instead, she cuts up two strawberries and puts them in her ginger ale. That's all the cocktail she is going to get today.

As Bean and Goobs eat their dinner, Mommy sits at the kitchen table, drinking her Pimmsless ginger ale and doing the math. Only thirty more years till she can drink a Pimm's by the pool at 5:00 in the afternoon.

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