Monday, July 5, 2010

An Uncivilized Bunch

Mommy, Daddy, Bean and Goobs have spent the weekend at Mommom and Poppop's house. Mommom and Poppop are away for three weeks, and since the weather was hot and perfect for the pool, they decided to pack everyone up and spend 4 days at the country house. Daddy took an extra day off of work and they have decided that this will be their summer vacation. Free house, free pool and hours of outdoor entertainment. The house is already equipped with all the cribs, highchairs, bib, diapers etc. that are necessary. All they need to do is pack up a few clothes and the dog and they are set.

When Mommy and the boys visit Mommom and Poppop at the country house while they are in residence, Mommy tries very hard to keep everyone nice and tidy and on their best behavior. Clothed at all time, no eating things off of the floor, faces wiped, hands clean - a very civilized bunch. Since Mommom and Poppop are away, Mommy has been a little lax about those rules.

For instance, there was the day of swimming in underwear, rather than proper swim trunks.

Then there was the day of black raspberries when Goobs was rinsed off in the pool after lunch, rather than wiped off properly with a cloth.

And of course, there was Ernie, stealing yogurt and Mommy letting him eat it in the garden, because after all, it's vacation and we are allowed to behave like barbarians.

And, vacation just wouldn't be vacation without a little bit of sandbox/hammer time.

But, everyone seemed happy.

And Mommy got a little rest.


  1. we also enjoyed the "country house" while mommom and poppop were away as well!

    if bean could eat black raspberries he would have joined charlie.... next summer.

  2. I just dropped off Mommom and Poppop at the airport! Get that placed cleaned up.. ha! ha!