Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Mommy, Bean and Goobs are at Mommom and Poppop's for an afternoon of swimming and maybe a little dinner mooching. While the boys are eating their dinner, Mommy is talking to Mommom about her new age spots that seems to have popped up over the summer with all of the sun. Mommom tells Mommy about some wonderful Vitamin A face cream and runs upstairs to get a jar (she buys them in packages of 4!). She assures Mommy that it will get rid of the age spots. Mommy thanks Mommom and packs it in their bag to take home with them.

Mommy, Bean and Goobs have all arrived home. Mommy is getting the things out of the car.

Mommy: (Speaking to Bean) Honey, can you get that bag of clothes and stuff and carry it in for me."

Bean: "Oh, sure Mommy."

Bean takes the bag and looks inside. Sitting on the top of the clothes in the bag is the face cream that Mommom gave Mommy. Bean sees the cream, takes it out and throws it as hard as he can into the neighbors lawn. He doesn't think Mommy has seen him do this, but Mommy has.

Mommy: "Bean! Why did you throw that cream? That is my new face cream. Mommom just gave that to me."

Bean: "Mommy, I don't want you to use that cream Mommy."

Mommy: "Why on earth not? It will just make my face nice and soft with no wrinkles and my old spots will go away."

Bean: "Mommy you will look different."

Mommy: "Oh sweetie, it won't make me look different. It will just keep my face from looking old."

Bean: "But Mommy, you aren't old."

Mommy: "I'm a little old honey. I just want my freckles to go away a little."

Bean: "No Mommy. You can't use the cream. You aren't old. Mommom is old. She needs the cream."


  1. Ha, ha, ha!!!! "Mommom is old." I love it!

  2. Don't tell Bean.. but Aunt Rach uses it and LOVES it. Seriously, it is good stuff. And organic too.

  3. Hey, this is Mommom - did you retrieve the cream from Henry's?

  4. Poor Mommom took a hit on this one!

    Auntie C

  5. You're not old, Mommom is not old, freckles are beautiful, and Bean is right.

    (So, what's the name of that cream?) ;)