Monday, August 23, 2010

Sunday Morning Band Practice

This weekend Daddy took Friday off and so the whole family could enjoy three days together. Daddy knows that mornings are Mommy's least favorite thing about being a full-time mother. So, being a kind, loving and completely supportive husband and father, he let Mommy sleep in THREE DAYS IN A ROW! That is three blissful mornings in a row of no screaming and whining, no MommyI'mHungryWhenIsBreakfastGoingToBe Ready's before her feet hit the floor, and no bleary eyed morning bathroom runs with a toddler insisting on sitting on Mommy's lap. Three mornings in a row. Mommy has woken up Sunday morning feeling extremely refreshed and particularly appreciative of the fabulous husband that she was lucky enough to land. I mean, come on, three mornings in a row!

Then Mommy heads downstairs. As she is descending the stairs, she hears some banging and what she knows to be the snacksaphone. She goes into the family room. There they are. All three of them.

Daddy: "Good morning Mommy. Did you sleep well?"

Mommy detects a hint of sarcasm or perhaps bitterness or possibly resentment. Hmm, maybe she pushed it with three mornings in a row.

Mommy: "Good morning. What's going on down here?"

Daddy: "Good news Mommy. We found the other drum stick. Ready guys?"

Bean: "Mommy, we are going to do a concert for you."

Mommy sees that Bean has a snacksaphone in his mouth and he has a drum and two drumsticks in front of him. She looks over at Goobs and he has a pot and a spatula.

They start the concert. It is loud. Daddy smiles at Mommy.

Daddy: "Did you like the concert. Aren't you glad you slept in so that we could practice?"

The concerts continued throughout the day and into the next. What is it they say about payback?


  1. You should all go on the road! Like the Partridge family :)

  2. LOVE it!

    I think the saying goes, Payback is...musical.