Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Camera

Mommy's Aunt Carol and Uncle Tom recently came for a visit. During a trip to the zoo with said aunt and uncle, Bean got it in his head that he needed a camera. He spent the better part of the day badgering Mommy to lend him her camera (not a chance) and then tried to talk his great Aunt Carol and Uncle Tom into using theirs. Aunt Carol was patient and tried to teach him how to use it, but being Bean, he insisted that he knew how to do it himself.

About a week after dear Aunt Carol and Uncle Tom left, a package come from Amazon.com addressed to Bean. Mommy knew what it was and she knew who thank/blame.

Mommy wondered if she should just hand the camera over to Bean. Afterall, it was kinda a big gift and he hadn't really done anything for it except annoy the pants off of everyone. But, she figured it was a gift for him from a loving aunt and uncle and who was she to withhold it. So she handed it over.

Then Mommy spent the better part of two hours trying to teach Bean how to use it.

Then Mommy spent the next two hours trying to convince Goobs that he didn't really want it and that it was Bean's camera and he couldn't have it.

It's actually a pretty cool camera and completely indestructible. It makes noises, which makes Goobs happy when he turns it on, and it does in fact take pictures, which makes Bean happy.

Bean said he was going to take pictures of his favorite things. Here are some samples, for your viewing pleasure.

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