Monday, September 13, 2010

First Day Jitters

Last night Mommy had a dream that Bean was graduating from high school. There he was, in his three year old body with a cap and gown getting a diploma and graduating from high school. Today was the first day of preschool for Bean. Mommy was expecting the day to be filled with drama, tears and much heartache as Bean was left without Mommy for the first time. Mommy asked Daddy to take the morning off so that she could really focus on Bean and make sure he was comfortable with the whole "school" idea before leaving him. The day didn't go exactly as Mommy anticipated.

7:10 am
Bean: Mommy! Wake up. It's time to go to school."
Mommy: "OK, are you excited? Are you happy about going to school?"
Bean: Yes Mommy. Now get up or we will be late."

Mommy is convinced that Bean just thinks he is excited but that when he actually realizes he has to be without Mommy he is sure to cry.

8:00 am
Bean: "Mommy, go get your shower. Hurry. I have to get dressed so I can go to school."

Mommy is pretty sure that he is still going to breakdown as soon as she walks out of his classroom.

9:06 am
Bean: "Mommy! Stop taking pictures. Come on Mommy. I want to go to school."

Mommy is beginning to think that maybe he might do a little better than she expected. A few tears perhaps, but he'll rally once he sees how much fun he will have."

9:10 am
Bean: (Pulling at his car seat buckle trying to get it undone now that the car is parked in the nursery school parking lot) "Mommy! Come unbuckle me. Mommy, let me out.!"

Mommy is wondering if maybe she underestimated how well she prepared Bean for the idea of preschool but she has to stop wondering because she has to catch up with Bean who is actually running through the parking lot towards the school door. Mommy is hoping he doesn't push the other kids out of the way to get to his classroom.

9:12 am
Mommy: (They are standing outside the classroom)  "OK Bean, let's see if we can find your hook. Where is the hook with your name on it.

Bean: (Already hanging his coat and bag on the hook that has his name on it.) "It's right here Mom. Here is my name."

Mommy figures he is ready for school and makes a mental note that he can in fact recognize his name, even though he makes like he can't at home. Then Mommy has to stop making mental notes because once again Bean is off, headed for his classroom which, by the way, he has never been to before.

Bean: (Standing in front of the teacher, whom he has never met) "Hi. I'm Bean and I'm three. I used to be one, then I was two and now I'm three."

Teacher: "Well, it's nice to meet you. I'm glad you are in my class. Can you go find your name tag over there. It will be the one with the...

Bean: (Hands it to her before she can finish her sentence) "Here it is. Here is my name."

The teacher looks at Mommy. Mommy gives her a bashful smile.

Teacher: "Well, it looks like he is going to do just fine."

Mommy: "Well, I'm going to cry, but I guess he is fine."

Bean is about to run to something when the teacher pulls him aside.

Teacher: "Don't you want to go say goodbye to your Mom?"

Bean: "Oh sure. Bye Mom. See ya later."

9:16 am
Mommy arrives home with absolutely nothing to report to Daddy except that Bean does in fact know how to read his own name.

And just like that, in the span of 10 minutes (10 minutes!) Bean is out there in the world making a name for himself. Mommy misses him already.


  1. i cant believe he started preschool!! cant wait to hear all about it!

    how are you holding up??


  2. What a cute picture outside the school with the backpack! Bean looks so handsome and grown up!