Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Never Say Never

Before Mommy had children of her own she had many ideas about what she wouldn't do with her own children.

She would hear horror stories of people who let their children sleep in bed with them whenever they had a bad dream. She would think to herself, "That will never be me. I will make my children suffer through the night, even if they are terrified."

She would hear people talk about bribing their children with dessert in order to get them to eat their green beans. "I'll never stoop to that. My children will eat their beans because I say so" she would think to herself.

And she would hear people talk about how they would let their children watch some tv just so they could get a moments peace. "I will never, ever use the television as a babysitter," she would preach inside her own head.

And, then there were the parents who would push their children around the grocery store in those carts that had the car on the front. You know the ones. We've all had one of those carts bump into us at the store because they are impossible for parents to maneuver. We have all been rear ended by one of those monstrosities because the poor, beaten down, spineless parents gave in to their whining children and let them ride in it, just this once. "I'll never, ever, allow my child to ride in one of those things that I detest. I will not relent. My child will walk along side me in the grocery store saying yes please and no thank you to the woman offering him a piece of cheese. He will not touch anything in the isles and he will not, I repeat, will not ask me for candy or cakes or junk of any sort. My child will be a quiet, respectful being who will not be allowed to ride in one of those carts like the overindulged, spoiled and catered to children I so often see riding in them" she would judgmentally think to herself.

That was before Mommy had children of her own.

What were or are your "nevers"?


  1. Well, if i makes you feel any better, I let Robert ride in cart with the car attached to it every week. And I hate it.
    My never... I swore I would never "let myself go" and turn into a mom who didn't put any effort into her appearance. I mean, really, how hard can it be to find 10 minutes for a shower? I did okay with this with just one child. But now with two, looking stylish and put together (not to mention clean) just isn't a priority most days.

  2. i think it's easier to resist them with girls. we attempted to use that stupid cart one time and i ran into so many things that i said never again. annie still asks every week and i tell her we're in a hurry and mommy can't steer those very well. i'm thinking she too didn't enjoy bumping into things but she doesn't protest when i say no.
    i think my biggest "i'll never..." has to be indulging my daughter in princess fantasies. annie loves them and on monday i let her wear her sparkly tutu to the grocery store. she was in heaven. her 3rd birthday party is princess themed. i've now told myself i'm only trying to avoid disney princess stuff as opposed to all princess stuff. however, this too is becoming a difficult task. that stuff is everywhere.

  3. i also wanted to add that i think lizzy always looks great!

  4. Luc: Yes, I did. He was so excited about it. Best part, he actually thinks he is helping me steer. Just you wait!

    Liz: Actually, it does make me feel better. You are a great mother and if you let your kids, then I know it is ok. And, I agree with Kate, I am sure you always look great. And besides, until they go off to school and realize that not all mom's avoid makeup, your boys will think you are the most beautiful woman in the world.

    Kate: I feel for you on the princess thing. That would probably be the tough one for me too if I had a girl. I love that you let her wear her tutu to the grocer store. Whenever I see kids in costumes of any sort in public I always think they have great parents who understand the phrase "pick you battles".