Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Children

On Thursday, there were some guests for lunch. Bean refers to them as "The Children". Mommy learned that their names are Jerry, Mark and Boojada. Bean was showing them around the fire hall before lunch. While Bean is eating his lunch at the dining room table, "The Children" are having honey toast and oranges on the couch.

Bean: "Mommy, "The Children" want me to finish showing them around after lunch."

Mommy: "OK, finish up, then you and "The Children" can finish the firehouse tour."

Bean: "I am going to show them where we firefighters sleep and eat. Then I will show them where we watch TV. Then I will introduce them to Scott The Fire Dog."

Mommy: (Half paying attention. Really, she just wants Bean to finish up lunch so they can get to rest time already) "Fine, just finish your lunch."

Bean: (Stands on his chairs and cups his hands around his mouth, yelling into the living room, where "The Children" are still sitting on the couch) "I'll be with you in a minute guys. Jerry, stop pushing Mark. Just be patient. I will be there in a minute."

Mommy recognizes the tone in Bean's voice. It sounds an awful lot like Mommy's when she is telling Bean to keep his hands off of Goobs.

The idea of "The Children" feels a little creepy to Mommy - this group of three children that silently move around her house. Mommy glances over her shoulder to catch a glimpse of the couch. She know that it is empty and that "The Children" are just a part of Bean's very active imagination, but she can't help herself. She just had to see for herself if Jerry is really as naughty a Bean's says he is.

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  1. I know what you mean about hearing your kids imitate you... Ethan stands in front of the mirror pointing his finger and yelling, "Stop it! Don't grab!" lately. Kids make us sound wayyy worse than we really do though :)