Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cozy Blanket

Today was a sunny, cool, perfect fall day. Rest time went well for everyone. Goobs slept for 2 1/2 hours, Bean rested quietly on the couch while Mommy was actually able to get a nap in herself. The day was progressing so smoothly that Mommy decided to pack the boys into the stroller and take them for a little walk and get herself some exercise. She promised the boys that if they were good on the walk she would swing by the playground on the route home.

So, she took Bean and his Cozy Blanket and Goobs and his Bear and put everyone in the stroller. All packed up and ready to go.

Halfway through the walk, Bean tells Mommy that they forgot cozy blanket. Mommy was blissfully unaware of Bean's comment and didn't really register what he was saying because she was too busy congratulating herself on getting out for a walk.

They swing by the park on the way home, have a wonderful time playing together and then head home so Mommy can start dinner.

Bean is in the living room watching his little show while Goobs and Mommy are in the kitchen cooking dinner. Mommy is standing over the ground beef that is halfway cooked in the frying pan, when she remembers the comment that Bean made to her on their walk. The memory of what she heard sends chills down her spine and a panic sets in.

"Mommy, we forgot Cozy."

Suddenly she realizes what this means. She turns off the meat and starts running around the house, frantically looking for Cozy Blanket. She is trying to do this on the sly because she doesn't want to alarm Bean. She runs outside to see if perhaps Cozy was left in the garage but Mommy can't find Cozy anywhere. She stops. She thinks back to packing the boys up in the stroller. She remembers herself tucking Cozy Blanket in next to Bean in the stroller.

Mommy runs into the living room

Mommy: "Bean, have you seen Cozy? Do you know where Cozy is?"

Bean: (Absorbed in his show, he looks up) "No Mommy. I don't know where Cozy is."

Mommy: "Was he in the stroller with you when we went for a walk. Did you drop him somewhere?"

Bean: (Panic sets in on his face, he realizes what Mommy is getting at and he doesn't like it one bit) "Yes Mommy. We had him, but he wasn't at the park with us."

Mommy: "Did you drop him somewhere Bean?"

Bean: (More panicked now, he is getting a very, very sad look on his face) "He wasn't at the park with us Mommy."

 Mommy is picturing Cozy Blanket, alone, cold and forgotten on the street. Her heart is breaking. He is a member of the family. Everyone loves Cozy Blanket. Mommy knitted Cozy Blanket for Bean before he was born - before Mommy even knew if Bean was a Bean or a Beanette. It was Mommy's first attempt at knitting and it is actually pretty ugly, but Bean has loved it since he was 6 months old and they are inseparable. Cozy has been there for everything. Mommy fully expected to have it tucked in her purse during Bean's high school graduation, college graduation, and even his wedding. Oh Cozy! Where are you!

Mommy: (Trying not to panic and trying really, really hard not to let on how worried she is) "Come with me right now, we are going to look for Cozy."

Bean: (Starting to cry.) "Mommy I miss Cozy. Mommy I feel sad."

Mommy: "Come on, we are going to find him."

Mommy grabs Goobs who still has no pants on from the last diaper change and tells Bean to get in the van right now, even though he has no shoes on. There isn't a moment to spare. She leaves the half cooked hamburger on the stove and grabs her keys. She quickly buckles everyone in the car seats and takes off.

Mommy: "Bean, try and remember where you dropped him. Did you drop him on the road somewhere. It is really important that you remember."

Bean: (Absolutely no help at all, he is really starting to understand that Cozy is in fact lost)  "Oh Mommy. I love Cozy so much. I miss Cozy already. Mommy I feel sad."

Mommy is thrilled that Bean is able to express his emotions so well, but right now, she is on the brink of tears herself and she isn't sure it she can handle Beans emotional honesty.

Mommy: "I know you love him Bean. We all love Cozy Blanket. We will find him. I hope we find him."

Bean: "Mommy, where is Cozy?"

Mommy: (Really not liking having to be Mommy right now, she considers calling her own parents to help in the search. No! She can do this. She is Mommy!)  "I'm working on it Bean. We're going to find him."

Mommy continues to race around the neighborhood, retracing their steps. She gets to the dead end where there is a foot path that connects to their street. She turns the car around and as she does, she sees him. Cozy Blanket. Hanging on a fence buy the road, obviously placed there by someone who walked by, saw him and knew that someone would be back looking for him. Mommy lets out a little yelp, throws the car into park in the middle of the road and jumps out of the car.

Mommy: (She grabs Cozy Blanket off of the fence and hugs him. She smells him. Then she hold him up over her head in triumph) "Thank you God! Thank you for having mercy on this poor, exhausted mother. "

Mommy throws open the van door and reunites Bean with his Cozy Blanket. Bean hugs Cozy.


Mommy: "You are one lucky little boy Bean. I wasn't sure we were going to find him. No more taking Cozy out in the stroller with us. He stays in the car or in the house from now on, got it."

Bean: "Yes Mommy. I would be so sad if I lost Cozy. We will just take him for walks in the car."

Mommy: (Not really sure what that means, but whatever. They found Cozy) "Holy Cow. Crisis averted. Man. That was a close one. Can't replace Cozy. He is a one of a kind. An original."

Bean: "Just like me Mommy."

Mommy: "Yes, just like you. There is no replacing you or Cozy. So don't get lost. And don't lose Cozy again, OK. "

Bean: "OK Mommy. Thank you for finding Cozy."

Goobs: (Reaching for Cozy himself) "Cooeeee! Cooeeee!"

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  1. whew. that was a close call.
    oh my gosh.
    that would have made me sad.
    you bought the yarn for cozy
    at wild wools.
    a long long time ago.
    so glad cozy is back home.