Monday, October 4, 2010

Identity crisis

Mommy has always suffered from an identity crisis of sorts. She was, and still is, the younger sister to Rachel. Rachel the straight A student. Rachel the daughter that never got into trouble (or a least never got caught). Rachel the one voted most likely to succeed in her high school class. (Mommy was voted biggest feet by the way, no joke.) Rachel the perfect. Perfectly lovely, perfectly smart, perfectly perfect.

Mommy spent her childhood years hearing things like "Oh, you're Rachel's sister, aren't you?" or "Isn't Rachel your older sister?" or "What was your name again? I know your sister Rachel, but I can't remember your name."

Eventually Mommy got used to it and by the time she was 25 or so, it didn't bother her anymore. She has become accustomed to it.

But now Mommy is 35 and all grown up. Now Mommy is a real adult and not just someone's younger sister. Mommy is making a name for herself out in the world. People will no longer know her as 'Rachel's sister'. Mommy envisions people walking up to her in the store or at the gas station and saying "Oh, Allison, I've heard so much about you." Mommy isn't sure yet what exactly people are going to know her for, but that is a mere formality. Now that she is out from under her sister's shadow, the sky's the limit.

Mommy is waiting outside preschool to pick up Bean. She is waiting with Goobs. Another mother comes up and begins talking to Goobs and then to Mommy.

Mother: "Well Hi there. You have the cutest little face don't you?"

Goobs: (Nodding his head up and down as he does when anyone asks him a question) "Yeah"

Mother: (Laughs and turns to Mommy) "Are these your only two? This one and the one inside? Which class is yours in?

Mommy: "Bean is in the 3's class."

The mother stops and looks at Mommy. A wave of recognition comes across her face.

Mother: Wait! Do you guys go to Browncroft Church? Bean! I know him. He is the three year old who talks like he is in fourth grade. Oh we all know him. He's great. Everyone knows him in the children's ministry."

Mommy and Daddy have just recently switched to Browncroft to go to a church a little closer to home. They have been attending for about a month. Already everyone knows who Bean is because he can talk the hind leg off a mule.

Mother: "Oh, so you must be Bean's Mom."

And just like that Mommy is no longer Rachel's sister. Guess she will now be known as Bean's Mom. Not exactly what she had in mind.

Bean's Mommy and her older sister Rachel.


  1. Well he wouldnt be as memorable without a good Mommy!

  2. It's OK Alli. I'm not Rachel anymore.. I'm just Bean's Aunt. That's what he tells the waitress when we go out.. "This is my Aunt Rach". No one remembers me, they just comment on how cute he is.

  3. I know how that feels Alli! Just be thankful that the people you are being associated with are cute and smart :)

  4. Oh my gosh, that picture! You look just like this Bean that we know. What's your name again?

    If you'd given him a label that were harder to pronounce, like Taoimhe, you wouldn't have this problem, trust me ;) People would cling to "Ali" like a raft when their tongue confronted such a foreign monstrosity.