Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cozy and the Throwup

Bean had been complaining all afternoon of a stomach ache. Mommy figured that he was hungry and wasn't too concerned. At 1:00 am on Wednesday morning, Mommy realized that Bean was not hungry but that he did in fact have a stomach flu. Mommy knew this because she was standing in the bathroom looking at a pile of very smelly throwup and looking at a very sick, pathetic, puny, sad Bean.

Mommy: "Oh Pumpkin. You're sick. Come on, let's get you out of those yucky pajamas. I'll clean this up. You can come get in bed with me.

Bean: "Mommy, I think that some toot toots must have gotten stuck in one of my pipes and that is why I threw up."

Mommy: (Bean is convinced that his internal organs are really just a series of pipes and drains) "Maybe sweetie. Come on, let's get those jammies off."

Mommy cleans up the bathroom. Daddy helps Bean get some new pajamas on. Daddy goes to get Cozy Blanket from Bean's room and realizes that it has throw up on it as well. Daddy makes an attempt to clean it off with a baby wipe but that doesn't exactly work. Cozy still smells raunchy. Mommy has to break the news to Bean that Cozy has to be washed.

Mommy: "Bean, Cozy got some sick on him. I need to go put him in the wash. You can sleep with me and you can have your fuzzy hat to sleep with."

Bean: (Still puny, so pathetic and completely heartbreaking, he starts to cry.) "Mommy, I love Cozy. I can't sleep without Cozy. Mommy I will miss Cozy."

The crying continues and Mommy realizes she has a decision to make. Put Cozy in the wash and spend the hours of 1am to 3 am consoling her sick, puking, pathetic child, risking waking up the other child and preventing the entire family from getting any sleep, or let the sick child sleep in her bed (while Daddy gets to sleep in the other room) with a very smelly, stinky, throwup blanket. The decision was pretty clear and Mommy wasn't thrilled about it one bit. Once again, Mommy would take one for the team so that everyone could sleep.

Mommy: "Ok, hop in bed. We will wash Cozy in the morning. Just try and keep Cozy on your side so I don't have to smell him."

Bean: (In a fever haze, half awake and still, so pathetic) "I love you Mommy."

So Mommy climbs into bed with Bean, happy that everyone is going to get some sleep. As she drifts off to sleep she continues to get wafts of the stagnant Cozy Blanket and all his throwup glory. Being a Mom is just plain gross  sometimes.

Honestly, what would you have done?


  1. Sleep is nectar.
    Trumps throw-up hands down.

  2. You're a brave lady...that's tough for me. Throw-up makes me throw up, so I think I would have a big problem!

  3. is anonymous my mom? she does have a big issue with throw-up. like she used to make me clean my own up. tell bean he is very lucky to have such a nice mommy who not only cleans up his mess but also sleeps with a smelly cozy.