Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Performance

It's bed time. Mommy has just put Goobs down and she goes into Beans room to read him his stories. Daddy has bathed and jammied Bean. Mommy takes three books from the library pile and settles in on Beans bed ready for stories. Bean jumps off the bed and grabs one of his rhyming fire truck books.

Bean: (Jumping back on the bed and handing the book to Mommy) "Here Mommy, sing this book."

Mommy: (A little surprised. Bean has only recently started singing. He has always been a serious child and it wasn't until he started preschool that Mommy could get him to sing anything, let alone request a song.) "What? You want me to sing the book? OK"

Mommy opens the book and turns to the first page. Bean grabs the book out of Mommy's hand.

Bean: (Sighing at Mommy as if she should know what she is doing here but she is getting it all wrong. In case you can't tell, Bean is rather particular about things.) "Mommy! You are supposed to clap first, like this."

Bean gives two quick claps. Then he hands the book back to Mommy.

Mommy: "Like this?" (Mommy mimicks how Bean just clapped)

Bean: "Yes. That's right. Now sing."

Mommy: "How about a please."

Bean: (Slightly annoyed that Mommy doesn't seem to be doing this correctly) "Please sing Mommy."

And Mommy does. She sings the whole book. Mommy has had some voice training. She did her best opera  voice, including a big finish with spirit fingers and all. Bean doesn't look at the book once. He spends the whole time staring at Mommy with a goofy grin on his face. He seems to be amazed that his mother could be making such a noise.

Mommy: (Finishes up the song, take a deep breath) "Like that? Did I do it right."

Bean: "It was ok. We can try again tomorrow." (Bean hand Mommy another book) "You can just read this one regular Mommy."

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  1. Everyone's a critic...

    And I'm glad that you entertained at least one of your cuties!