Monday, November 15, 2010

The Skunk

It is Sunday morning. Everyone is getting ready for church. Mommy has showered and dressed and she is looking for Bean so she can get him dressed. In the middle of the floor of her bedroom is the suitcase that still hasn't made it back up to the attic after their weekend trip 4 weeks ago. It is unzipped, but closed. Bean pops out of the suitcase

Bean: "Shhh. You better get away from me or I will spray you."

Mommy: "What are you talking about. What? Do you have a hose or something? Come on, let's go get dressed for church."

Bean: "Get away from my home, or I will spray you. I am a skunk."

Bean then bends over, points his little bottom at Mommy and makes a spraying sound.

Mommy: "Hmm, well Mr. Skunk. Looks like you got me. No spraying people when we get to chuch, got it."

Bean: "I will be a friendly skunk at church Mommy. I am only a wild skunk when I am at home."

Does this mean that Mommy has successfully taught him to be polite in public?

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