Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday Cheer

Tuesday night. Daddy has just gotten home from work. Like every evening when Daddy comes home, both Bean and Goobs have accompanied him upstairs to help him change out of his suit. Mommy, like every evening, has jumped at the chance to have 15 minutes alone in her basement sewing room/office/batcave.

The neighbors stopped by earlier in the evening to drop of some very lovely, very delicious, very beautiful Christmas cookies. They are sitting on the counter.

From her batcave Mommy can hear Daddy, Bean and Goobs giggling and generally causing a ruckus. Mommy generally doesn't care what is going on upstairs, so long as she doesn't have to come up. Most nights, the entire upstairs is completely trashed after the 15 minutes of "men" time. Again, Mommy doesn't care if it means 15 minutes to herself surrounded by beautiful fabric, sewing machines, yarn and all things that the children aren't allowed access to.

Mommy hears everyone head downstairs to the kitchen.

Daddy: "Ernie! Bad Dog! You ate all our Christmas cookies."

Bean: (Screaming at the top of his lungs in an ear shattering volume) "Ahhhhh. Ernie!"

Goobs: "No! Dog! Cookie!"

And that's all because it was going to take a lot more than Christmas cookies to get Mommy upstairs.

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  1. Sounds like old Loba or Shadow. Fortunately Daisy doesn't seem interested in food. You have to be smarter than your dog!!! Auntie C.