Wednesday, December 1, 2010


It's been a long few weeks. Mommy has had to go into work two weekends in a row, Goobs has been sick, Mommy has been sick, then Bean was sick, and now Daddy is sick and Goobs is sick again.

This afternoon Mommy decided to take Goobs to the doctor because he has been running a temp for a few days and was cranky enough that Mommy suspected an ear infection. No ear infection. No medicine. Just a virus that has to work its self out. Sigh. Mommy is feeling particularly tired this afternoon.

As Mommy walks in the door she immediately smells turkey. During the Thanksgiving holiday, Mommy cooked a turkey for a community dinner her work was hosting. Mommom thought it would be a good idea to save the drippings from the turkey and they were stored in Mommy's refrigerator. Since Thanksgiving is over and the space in Mommy's refrigerator is prime real estate in their house, Mommy put the large container of turkey drippings in the sink to clean up later. She forgot to do something with them before she left for the doctor, so Ernie was kind enough to do something with them while they were out. Hence the strong turkey odor upon entering the kitchen.

Mommy has managed to clean up the turkey mess in the kitchen that Ernie made when she suddenly realizes how quiet it is. She quickly looks in the family room and neither Bean or Goobs is in there. She calls out.

Mommy: "Bean? What are you doing? Where are you?"

Bean: (Shouts out from the living room) "I'm busy inventing something Mommy."

That can't be good.

Mommy goes into the living room. Bean has gotten into her yarn. Mommy's little genius invented a pulley system that unwinds balls of yarn at super sonic speed. All Mommy sees is a pile of yarn.

Mommy: (At this point Mommy is just exhausted and doesn't really care about the yarn. It wasn't her good stuff. She is just plain old too tired to care.) "Uh, what kind of invention is that?"

Bean: "It's my pully invention. See i just hook the yarn here then pull here and look!"

Mommy: "Great. That's great. Now, can you invent something that will wind it back up?"

Bean: "No Mommy. My brain is tired now. You can roll it back up."

Mommy: "Lucky me."

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